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Answering Your Letters

Dear Jim,

If I sent you a copy of Simcha Jacobovici’s book ‘The Lost Gospel’ would you review it?

Thank you,


Dear Darren


Yet Another Case of Plagiarism in a Commentary

An announcement from Lexham Press regarding EEC James

Lexham Press has withdrawn from publication Dr. William Varner’s Evangelical Exegetical Commentary volume on James. We discovered that the volume contains a number of uncited and improperly cited passages from other works, blurring the distinction between quoted and original material.

Lexham Press, and the editors of the EEC, are committed to the highest scholarly standards of accuracy and ethical standards of integrity. We regret that these problems were not discovered before publication, and are further strengthening our editorial review process. We will contract a replacement James volume for the EEC from another author. Customers who own the Logos digital edition of EEC James will receive a free copy of the replacement digital volume when it is published. Logos customers who wish to return their copy of James should contact Lexham at customerservice@lexhampress.com to be reimbursed for the amount of their purchase. Customers who bought the print edition may contact us at the same address for return and reimbursement instructions.

We presented our findings and our plans to Dr. Varner; here is his response, which he wishes to make public:

“In assuming too many writing projects, I was not careful enough in this commentary to adequately cite some of my sources. I also was not always diligent to clearly express in my own words material that I gleaned from others. Although I did not deliberately misuse the work of other writers, I sincerely apologize for my lack of care in reporting my research. I ask forgiveness from all who trusted me to be an accurate handler of the Word (2 Tim 2:15), a responsibility that I take seriously.”

We apologize for any problems this may cause for our readers, endorsers, and other partners; we are dedicated to doing whatever we can to put this right and to ensure all Lexham Press publications uphold our commitment to quality and truthfulness.

Brannon Ellis, Publisher, Lexham Press
H. Wayne House, EEC General Editor

The Bee Stings the ‘Jesus Is Just One of Many Ways to God’ Millennial Pseudo-Christians

Every Christian wants to reach the world with the love of Jesus. But not every Christian is willing to admit that Jesus is probably not real.

Church, this is a problem.

There are countless people in the world—our friends, coworkers, and neighbors—who do not believe that Jesus Christ is real. Yet so many Christians who are supposed to be the very hands and feet of Christ are too trapped in rigid tradition and dogma to meet those people where they are and affirm that they are probably right.

So consider this a prophetic plea to my brothers and sisters in Christ: we are never going to reach the world with the love of Christ until we’re willing to admit that Jesus probably isn’t real.

We’ve got to be humble enough to accept that Jesus likely never walked the earth. We have to be open-minded enough to affirm that Jesus probably does not presently exist as the Second Person of the Trinity. To reach a suffering world for Jesus, we have to be unpretentious enough to admit that there’s a good chance it’s all just a fairy tale.

How can we reach people with the love of Christ when we walk around like we are absolutely certain that Jesus is real? How can we say we respect our neighbor if we’re not willing to reply “Amen!” when they tell us that God is a figment of our imagination? Who are we to assume that we have a monopoly on the truth? Did Jesus exist? Does Jesus exist? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not.

The more pressing question is this: does it really matter? I say it does not. I say the more important issue is that there’s a dying world out there waiting for you and me to show them the love of Christ. And unless we’re willing to admit that Jesus is probably not real, we’re never going to reach them.

Bahahahahaha.  This nails the notion spewed by the ignorant hoards.

“Media Dynamics and Academic Knowledge Production: Tracing the Role of the Media in the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife Saga”

That’s the title of Liv’s paper delivered last week in Norway at the conference on forgeries and fraudsters.  You can read it on her Academia.edu page.

As the title indicates, this paper will be dealing with the role of the Media in the cluster of academic debates and interactions that followed the announcement of the so-called Gospel of Jesus’s Wife. I will discuss the various relationships between Academia and the Media, and I am particularly interested in the potential influences of the Media on academic practices.

Read it!

The Bee Stings the Celeb Pastors and their Ghostwriters

Kneeling before the Father in heartfelt emotion Tuesday morning, Pastor Frank Stevens humbly asked God to speak in a powerful way by the strength of His Spirit through Stevens’ ghostwriter, who handles writing duties for all his sermons, midweek studies, and bestselling books, according to sources.

“Oh God, I beg you: speak through Craig,” Stevens fervently prayed of his handpicked ghostwriter during his usual time of prayer for blessing over the other man’s weekly studies. “Give him all the perfect proverbial phrases, clever illustrations, and witty anecdotes to really make me look good up there Sunday.”

“Thanks for giving me someone like Craig, who can do all the peripheral work while I take care of big picture stuff for the sake of the Kingdom,” the pastor added, opening one eye to check his watch, to make sure he wasn’t running late for his video shoot about leadership. “May he decrease, and may I increase.”

“It’s very important that we make time for God, and cover our ghostwriters’ time of study with frequent prayer,” Stevens told reporters later on as he arrived at a Family Christian bookstore for a brief book signing appearance before heading to the airport to depart for a lucrative speaking engagement at a high-profile conference. “Nothing can take precedence over that. Without communing with the Father on behalf of the behind-the-scenes guys doing the less glamorous pastor-y stuff, we’d lose focus of what we’re really supposed to be doing.”

At publishing time, Stevens had hired a second and third ghostwriter to pen his new devotional series “Becoming An Authentic Man.”

There’s nothing authentic about celebrity pastors.  Or their fake and misleading books.

The Zurich NT Blog Has its Second Post…

And it’s about NT Wright (or more precisely, the volume edited by Heilig et al examining Wright’s notions).  Enjoy…

Who Owns All Those Guns in America?

Just 3 percent of American adults own half of the nation’s firearms, according to the results of a Harvard-Northeastern survey of 4,000 gun owners.

The survey’s findings support other research showing that as overall rates of gun ownership has declined, the number of firearms in circulation has skyrocketed. The implication is that there are more guns in fewer hands than ever before. The top 3 percent of American adults own, on average, 17 guns apiece, according to the survey’s estimates.

That seems an exceedingly small sampling and if it consisted of only folk in the Northeast then they should spread their net a little wider and visit the South.

Statistics… they don’t always tell the truth.

When the Police Flat Out Lie…

This man had his hands up as demonstrated in the video aired on the nightly news yet the police said he didn’t raise his hands when commanded to do so.  Further, he was unarmed.

An unarmed black man fatally shot by a white Tulsa, Oklahoma, officer responding to a stalled vehicle last week can be seen in police dashcam video walking toward his SUV with his hands up and officers following behind him before he’s shocked with a stun gun and then fatally shot.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan announced Monday before the department released the shooting footage that 40-year-old Terence Crutcher had no weapon on him or in his SUV. Police said local and federal investigators are looking into Friday’s shooting to determine whether there should be criminal charges or if Crutcher’s civil rights were violated.

And people wonder why Blacks have a bit of distrust of the police…  Mind you, I think 99.9% of the officers out there are great folk doing a hard job.  But these trigger happy cowboys are making things very very hard for all the good ones.