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Answering Your Letters

Dear Jim, If I sent you a copy of Simcha Jacobovici’s book ‘The Lost Gospel’ would you review it? Thank you, Darren Dear Darren

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Calvin on the Mystery of the Divine Will

These, he says, are the mighty works of the Lord, perfected to his desires, and so wisely perfected that, when the angelic and human creation had sinned, that is had done not what God willed but what it itself willed, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Case of Plagiarism in a Commentary

An announcement from Lexham Press regarding EEC James Lexham Press has withdrawn from publication Dr. William Varner’s Evangelical Exegetical Commentary volume on James. We discovered that the volume contains a number of uncited and improperly cited passages from other works, blurring … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the ‘Jesus Is Just One of Many Ways to God’ Millennial Pseudo-Christians

Every Christian wants to reach the world with the love of Jesus. But not every Christian is willing to admit that Jesus is probably not real. Church, this is a problem. There are countless people in the world—our friends, coworkers, and neighbors—who … Continue reading

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The REAL Donald Trump

Completely self absorbed without concern for anyone else.  So go ahead, support him.  But he will never support you. via the twitter

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“Media Dynamics and Academic Knowledge Production: Tracing the Role of the Media in the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife Saga”

That’s the title of Liv’s paper delivered last week in Norway at the conference on forgeries and fraudsters.  You can read it on her Academia.edu page. As the title indicates, this paper will be dealing with the role of the … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Celeb Pastors and their Ghostwriters

Kneeling before the Father in heartfelt emotion Tuesday morning, Pastor Frank Stevens humbly asked God to speak in a powerful way by the strength of His Spirit through Stevens’ ghostwriter, who handles writing duties for all his sermons, midweek studies, and … Continue reading

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Donald Jr- More Despicable Than his Father?

This is despicably racist.  You simply cannot group an entire population into one lump and condemn them all because some are bad.  Not all Americans should be judged by their ridiculous and offensive public personalities.  The rest of us aren’t … Continue reading

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The Zurich NT Blog Has its Second Post…

And it’s about NT Wright (or more precisely, the volume edited by Heilig et al examining Wright’s notions).  Enjoy…

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Who Owns All Those Guns in America?

Just 3 percent of American adults own half of the nation’s firearms, according to the results of a Harvard-Northeastern survey of 4,000 gun owners. The survey’s findings support other research showing that as overall rates of gun ownership has declined, the … Continue reading

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Happy 116th Birth-iversary, Joachim Jeremias

Joachim Jeremias was born on 20 September, 1900.  He is probably best known for his work on the Parables of Jesus and his book, Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus as well as his ‘Unknown Sayings of Jesus‘.  But he … Continue reading

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When the Police Flat Out Lie…

This man had his hands up as demonstrated in the video aired on the nightly news yet the police said he didn’t raise his hands when commanded to do so.  Further, he was unarmed. An unarmed black man fatally shot … Continue reading

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