There’s No Such Thing As An Atheist Pastor

There’s only an atheist who wants to be a counselor but who wants to wear the mask of a cleric in order to demean clergy.  The very notion of ‘atheist pastor’ is a grand oxymoron.

A petition in support of atheist pastor Gretta Vosper, who was judged unsuitable for ministry by a United Church of Canada (UCC) committe, has reached more than 1,000 signatures. Vosper, minister of West Hill United Church in Toronto, has been candid about her atheism for several years. However, a 39-page report by the UCC’s Toronto Conference Review Committee earlier this month concluded: “In our opinion, she is not suitable to continue in ordained ministry because she does not believe in God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. “We have concluded that if Gretta Vosper were before us today, seeking to be ordained, we would not recommend her.”

But to prove the insincerity of her ‘congregation’ in relation to its relationship to Christianity:

However, Vosper has continued to receive the support of her congregation and the number of signatures to the petition has continued to grow. It urges the UCC to reject the recommendation of the committee, describing the process as “flawed and unfair” and – implying her views are shared by large numbers of other clergy – that it has “grave implications for Gretta Vosper, Westhill [sic] United Church, an unknown number of clergy within the denomination, many members of The United Church of Canada across the country, and the reputation of the denomination in the Canadian public”. It speaks of the importance of valuing diversity and not “disenfranchising many seekers”.

To gehenna with the ‘seekers’ and their efforts to destroy a Church.  She should be terminated.  Then she can set up a counseling center and all of her supporters can leave the Church (because they’ve already left the faith) and become her clients.

Atheist clergy?  Nein.  It doesn’t exist.  It never has.  It never will.  The only atheists in Church work are people who despise Christianity and who are working from within the Church to dismantle and destroy it.  They are, in short, a cancer.  When they are expelled (and they should be) then the cancer is excised and the entire body healthier.