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The Calvin Monologues

Via. This would be glorious to attend.

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Dear Germany, It Doesn’t Make Sense to Us Either

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The Feeling You Get When You’re Editing a Volume and The Last Essay Arrives!

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There’s No Such Thing As An Atheist Pastor

There’s only an atheist who wants to be a counselor but who wants to wear the mask of a cleric in order to demean clergy.  The very notion of ‘atheist pastor’ is a grand oxymoron. A petition in support of … Continue reading

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McKnight is Right- Stop Stealing Sermons

It’s just wrong.  Read his post explaining why (and note, I concur).

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Let’s Face It, People Treat Theology and Biblical Studies Differently Than other Disciplines

Most people act like they know that they aren’t brain surgeons or heart specialists or mathematics professors or organic chemists if they actually aren’t those things.  But when it comes to disciplines like biblical studies and theology (which do indeed … Continue reading

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Fragments of an Unbelievable Past? Constructions of Provenance, Narratives of Forgery. A Report.

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Giving my presentation on day 2. Yes, I am vane I know… ? Conferences could be a burden. You have to travel and sometimes it is terrifying to take a plane (it is often for…

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You Can Still Enter to Win

This fantastic video produced by the Christian History Institute can be yours if you’re the lucky winner.  To win, you simply need to enter by Sharing this post on your twitter feed, Facebook page, or blog (and you have to … Continue reading

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The British Library’s Greek Manuscripts Project

Have you ever wondered what books looked like in antiquity? Perhaps you have pondered why some manuscripts are written on paper and some on parchment? Did you know that the ancient Greeks thought up machines and robots powered by steam? … Continue reading

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On Theological Amateurism: An Observation

No biblical text was composed or redacted by a theological amateur and no significant contribution to Christian history or tradition has been made by an amateur.  The ‘amateurs ideas are as meaningful to Christian theology as the so called theologians’ … Continue reading

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In Which I Agree With Mike Bird and Stan Gundry

Even though I don’t have a dog in the ETS complementarian / egalitarian fight (although I’ve been a member in the past, I’m not at present) I find myself completely in agreement with both Gundry’s sentiments and Mike’s observations. Here’s … Continue reading

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This Will Put a Smile on Your Monday Face: Being Kissed By Trump Will Turn Your Stomach


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