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You Really Don’t Have to Fit In With Culture’s Demands

You’re probably a better person if you don’t.


More Absurdity From NT Wright


There are several problems with this absurd claim.  First, Jesus explained what he was demonstrating at the Supper.  It’s not as though the disciples all sat around staring at each other and just automatically knowing what it all meant.  Second, this ridiculous statement ignores the numerous remarks by Jesus about his coming death.  And third, the notion that the Supper is self-explanatory is insane.  And finally, even the meal didn’t ‘fully explain what his forthcoming death was all about’.  The early Church reflected on the meaning of his death from the moment it occurred forward.  We’re still reflecting on it.  Accordingly, the suggestion that it was ‘fully explained’ is, on its face, wrong.

The Bishop is wrong.  And his bumper sticker theology is equally wrong.

The Resurrection

Après un été reposant, j’ai repris les cours à Strasbourg, où j’ai notamment commencé une nouvelle “Traversée de la Bible” à laquelle vous êtes les bienvenus (les mardis à 14h au Palais universitaire, ou en direct sur YouTube).

Je donne également des cours privés en ligne d’hébreu et d’araméen pour ceux d’entre vous qui se sont déjà initiés à l’hébreu et souhaitent aller plus loin.

Et si vous êtes à Clermont-Ferrand, je vous donne rendez-vous le samedi 1er octobre à 20h30 au Temple protestant (11 rue Marmontel) pour une conférence sur “La Résurrection face à l’Histoire” à l’occasion du cinquantenaire de l’Église réformée de la Résurrection.

J’espère avoir le plaisir de vous retrouver bientôt, que ce soit à Strasbourg, à Clermont-Ferrand, ou sur Internet ; d’ici là, je vous souhaite une excellente rentrée !! 

À très bientôt,

Michael Langlois.

I’m Glad I Moved Out of Arizona Decades Ago…

The courts there are absolutely insane.  Take the latest proof-

If You Change a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona, You Can Now Be Convicted of Child Molestation.

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a stunning and horrifying decision on Tuesday, interpreting a state law to criminalize any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals. According to the court, the law’s sweep encompasses wholly innocent conduct, such as changing a diaper or bathing a baby. As the stinging dissent notes, “parents and other caregivers” in the state are now considered to be “child molesters or sex abusers under Arizona law.” Those convicted under the statute may be imprisoned for five years.

Could any dumber court exist in the entire world?  I honestly can’t see how.

This terrible decision has gutted constitutional rights and turned many of the state’s residents into unknowing criminals. Barring intervention by the U.S. Supreme Court, due process has now been suspended for Arizona’s parents and caregivers.

Such mindlessness.  It’s appalling.

The Law is Just As Important for the Christian as the Gospel

The following conversation is said to have taken place between Martin Luther and his colleagues –

“Doctor, many men think and say that the law should be emphasized often for the sake of the profane common people, lest they abuse the gospel. Others say that the common man ought not to be cited as a reason but only the command of Christ, who wishes that the goodness of the Father may become known through the gospel. Which of these opinions is the better?”  The doctor [Martin Luther] replied, “This shouldn’t and can’t be comprehended in a fixed rule. Christ himself preached [the law and the gospel] according to his circumstances. As a passage or text indicates, therefore, one should take up the law and the gospel, for one must have both. It isn’t right to draw everything into the gospel alone; nor is it good always to preach the law alone. The Scriptures themselves, if properly adhered to, will give the answer.”

Sage words indeed.  If we today emphasize the Law more than the Gospel than we end up with a modern type of pharisaism; and if we emphasize the Gospel more than the Law, then we end up with libertine licentiousness.  The Law, properly understood, drives us to the Gospel, and the Gospel, rightly known, makes us obedient to the intention of the Law.  One without the other is no more conceivable, nor sensible, than one side of a coin is any more use than the other.  Both together are required.

At the end of the matter there is no Law-less Christianity nor any gospel-less Law. The Law is just as important for the Christian as the Gospel.

Ryan Lawrence Murdered His Infant With a Bat Because God Never Told Him Not To…

Here’s the story of inhumanity

A Daily Mail report revealed that the New York father admitted beating Baby Maddox to death because he got pissed over the attention she got after surviving eye cancer. The Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzparick said it was a possible motive for Ryan Lawrence to commit murder. …

Ryan Lawrence said he had prayed to God to give him a sign not to go through with what he had planned, but he didn’t. “God if I’m not meant to kill her, make her stumble.”  He is set to be sentenced in October 7 for Baby Maddox’s death.

I guess humanity wasn’t enough of a reason for this totally depraved monster.

It’s Not Just a Matter Of Hearing

“Not everyone who says to Me,`Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. “Many will say to Me in that day,`Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ “And then I will declare to them,`I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ (Matt. 7:21-23).

The emergents and seekers hate that passage.  That’s why they ignore it.

The Racist Attack on Will Jones of Bethany College

This is just simply horrific.

Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas has been praised by alumni for the way the place of learning has operated since 1881. Seen as a fairly progressive and open place of learning, it came as a bit of a shock today as new university president William Jones took to Facebook to discuss a racially motivated attack on himself and others. Why was Jones attacked?  Because Jones had interest in recruiting more minority students to the school, and the fact he had two interracial children didn’t set well with the racists who made the attack.

Read Will’s full letter at the link above.  And weep for a country where this is acceptable even among a fragment of the population.

“Helping the Poor” Isn’t The Apex of Christianity

I saw this meme this morning (thanks Episcopalians):


Whilst I agree with the general sentiment of this meme the fact that it locates helping the poor as the very center and heart of what it means to be Christian has absolutely zero biblical warrant.

Sure, we should help poor folk.  But we should also preach the Gospel, worship God, live in the power of the Spirit, pray, study scripture, and obey God.  Indeed, the center of the Christian life is living in absolute dependence on God in gratitude and obedience.  Helping the poor is ancillary to that and rather a result of the former things rather than a cause of them.

You don’t, in other words, demonstrate your Christianity by helping poor folk.  Any pagan can do that.  You demonstrate your Christianity by placing God at the very center of your existence and then everything that flows from that act is a demonstration of who you really are.

It does Christianity zero good for Christians to portray their faith as little more than a social aid club.  It exceeds that by millions of miles.  The social gospel has been around for a very long time and it has done absolutely nothing to make the world a better place.  Only actually converted Christians can do that because only God at work in human lives can do that.