Jesus Distorted: Every Phrase an Anachronism

None of the characteristics attributed to Jesus in this moronic meme have any counterpart in first century Palestine.  Not one.

He wasn’t homeless.  He had both a home and a family.  He wasn’t a Palestinian because there were no Palestinians in the first century.  He wasn’t an anarchist.  They didn’t exist.  He didn’t protest at ‘temples’.  He never said a single word about universal health care because the notion, like all the rest, is modern. Nor did he redistribute wealth.  He wasn’t arrested for terrorism and he didn’t perpetrate any acts against Rome.  Not one.  He wasn’t executed for crimes against the state because crimes against Rome were crimes against the Emperor, not a vague notion of ‘state’.  And finally, Jesus wouldn’t vote because voting didn’t exist.

Such memes simply indicate the bias of the creator and applauders.  They tell us nothing about Jesus and if you believe they do, you’re an idiot.  But you go ahead and believe it.  And while you’re at it, run over to your mechanic’s house so he can remove that brain tumor for you.


One thought on “Jesus Distorted: Every Phrase an Anachronism

  1. WenatcheeTheHatchet 16 Sep 2016 at 11:07 pm

    My hunch is the health care quip was intended to make reference to the healing narratives. It’s silly but I suspect that’s what the inventor of the meme was trying to go for. Sure, when the United States government can raise dead people back to life and cast out demons the comparison will be apt. 😉

    Maybe the act of terrorism was defined by the department of agriculture as violence against pigs?

    Since they’re not taking an extra step to directly equate the United States with the great whore Babylon or the Beast they’re not willing to complete the internal rhetorical aim of the claims. Why go as far as they already did without taking those final, apocalyptic rhetorical steps?


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