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Clergy Be Like…


Signs of the Times

Diabolical Data: Satan in the New Testament

A new essay in JSNT may be of interest to you:

This study counts references to Satan in the NT, by any designation. First, all candidate texts are surveyed. These include occurrences of the words σατανᾶς and διάβολος (with and without the article) and 30 other terms which potentially refer to Satan, descriptively or allegorically. Having laid ground rules for counting potential references in close proximity, candidate texts in which the referent is uncertain are analysed exegetically to decide whether they do refer to Satan. These include texts in which σατανᾶς or διάβολος occurs without the article and texts in which neither σατανᾶς nor διάβολος occurs. Through exegesis, a final count of 137 references to Satan in the NT is obtained. An alternative, probability-weighted approach estimates the number at 129.2. In either case, the total is strikingly greater than a simple summation of instances of σατανᾶς and διάβολος.

On the ‘Dogmatics Are Bad’ Crowd: An Observation

The dogmatically illiterate are invincibly ignorant.

Jesus Distorted: Every Phrase an Anachronism

None of the characteristics attributed to Jesus in this moronic meme have any counterpart in first century Palestine.  Not one.

He wasn’t homeless.  He had both a home and a family.  He wasn’t a Palestinian because there were no Palestinians in the first century.  He wasn’t an anarchist.  They didn’t exist.  He didn’t protest at ‘temples’.  He never said a single word about universal health care because the notion, like all the rest, is modern. Nor did he redistribute wealth.  He wasn’t arrested for terrorism and he didn’t perpetrate any acts against Rome.  Not one.  He wasn’t executed for crimes against the state because crimes against Rome were crimes against the Emperor, not a vague notion of ‘state’.  And finally, Jesus wouldn’t vote because voting didn’t exist.

Such memes simply indicate the bias of the creator and applauders.  They tell us nothing about Jesus and if you believe they do, you’re an idiot.  But you go ahead and believe it.  And while you’re at it, run over to your mechanic’s house so he can remove that brain tumor for you.


NT Wright’s Invitation to You to Read His Newest Book


Signs of the Times…

*Sigh*.  We’re just undone when cow privacy is a concern…


The Bee Stings The Jock turned ‘Christian’ Entrepreneur

Veteran Atlanta Falcons linebacker Tim Millikan has lived the dream of having a full, prosperous NFL career, and is now looking toward what’s next as he approaches his retirement at the end of this season. Sitting down with various local news outlets Thursday, the big man revealed that he—like many pro athletes do—plans to enter the world of business after his football days are behind him, and has narrowed his options down to opening and operating either an upscale strip club or a large prosperity church in the Atlanta area.

“After so long in the league, of course I’ve grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and just because I stop playing football doesn’t mean I want to stop earning millions of dollars every year,” Millikan told reporters. “After a lot of research and talking to several mentors of mine who used to play [football in the NFL], I’ve narrowed it down to opening either a top-of-the-line gentleman’s club or one of those big health-and-wealth churches. It’s going to be one of those two—but between them, I’m torn.”

Explaining that each business has its advantages, Millikan admitted that the “tax-free part” of the prosperity church is a real draw for him.

“I have more experience in the world of strip clubs than the world of churches, honestly, but that hasn’t stopped a lot of these other guys,” he noted. “Retired athletes are starting these name-it-and-claim-it churches, and they’re just making a killing. Sometimes more than they made on the field. And I’m told the business plan is very simple.”

“I don’t know, though—I really like strip clubs,” he added. “I might just have to do both.”

Another home run from our friends in Babylon

Don’t You Wish America’s Politicians Paid a Visit to Lassie…


Calvin Would Literally Light You Up For This… Presbyterians

From a Presbyterian song book…


Via a secret source who has visited a Presbyterian Church

Someone needs drop kicked.  And Servetus-ized.

Alexander’s Ineffective Critique

Hurtado v. Alexander… the clash of the titans.

Larry Hurtado's Blog

In the newly-published volume honouring Richard Bauckham, Philip Alexander attempts a critique of the view that the worship of Jesus reflected in NT writings means what “early high Christology” advocates contend:  “‘The Agent of the King is Treated as the King Himself’:  Does the Worship of Jesus Imply His Divinity?” (97-114).  With great respect for Alexander’s expertise in rabbinic texts and contributions to other topics, I have to say that this critique is riddled with problems that make it a failure.

First, let’s note the contradictions in method.  Alexander states quite rightly that the only relevant evidence is that from 2nd temple Jewish and lst century Christian texts (p. 99).  But then he invokes rabbinic texts from several centuries later (e.g., those referring to “Metatron”) in trying to make the argument that Jewish tradition could accommodate a second figure along with God in the way that early circles of the…

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Meanwhile, in Norway…

The papyrology conference continues- with a look into the dealings and scandals associated with the ‘Jesus wife’ fragment published by Karen King and Harvard Theological Review.  Photo via Nicola Denzey Lewis.


Ariel Sabar and Liv Ingeborg Lied discuss the Gospel of Jesus’s wife.

Hell’s Mouth Widens…

The mother of Victoria Martens, the 10-year-old girl who was brutally killed last month in New Mexico, had allegedly arranged for other men to sexually assault her daughter in the past, according to search warrants obtained by an Albuquerque television station.  Michelle Martens told police she made arrangements with at least two men to have sex with Victoria, and “possibly the other minor child who resides at the residence,” KOAT reported Wednesday, citing the warrant. Martens also had an 8-year-old son.