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Clergy Be Like…

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Signs of the Times

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Diabolical Data: Satan in the New Testament

A new essay in JSNT may be of interest to you: This study counts references to Satan in the NT, by any designation. First, all candidate texts are surveyed. These include occurrences of the words σατανᾶς and διάβολος (with and … Continue reading

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On the ‘Dogmatics Are Bad’ Crowd: An Observation

The dogmatically illiterate are invincibly ignorant.

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Jesus Distorted: Every Phrase an Anachronism

None of the characteristics attributed to Jesus in this moronic meme have any counterpart in first century Palestine.  Not one. He wasn’t homeless.  He had both a home and a family.  He wasn’t a Palestinian because there were no Palestinians … Continue reading

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NT Wright’s Invitation to You to Read His Newest Book

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Signs of the Times…

*Sigh*.  We’re just undone when cow privacy is a concern…

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At This Point the Only People Trump Is Deceiving Are Those Who Wish to Be Deceived

The willingly conned. In a roughly 30-minute Donald Trump event billed as a press conference on birtherism, Trump spoke to the subject for merely 36 seconds. And all 36 seconds were a lie.  Campaign surrogates, all veterans, used the first 29 … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Jock turned ‘Christian’ Entrepreneur

Veteran Atlanta Falcons linebacker Tim Millikan has lived the dream of having a full, prosperous NFL career, and is now looking toward what’s next as he approaches his retirement at the end of this season. Sitting down with various local … Continue reading

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Don’t You Wish America’s Politicians Paid a Visit to Lassie…

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Calvin Would Literally Light You Up For This… Presbyterians

From a Presbyterian song book… Via a secret source who has visited a Presbyterian Church Someone needs drop kicked.  And Servetus-ized.

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Alexander’s Ineffective Critique

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
In the newly-published volume honouring Richard Bauckham, Philip Alexander attempts a critique of the view that the worship of Jesus reflected in NT writings means what “early high Christology” advocates contend:  “‘The Agent…

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Meanwhile, in Norway…

The papyrology conference continues- with a look into the dealings and scandals associated with the ‘Jesus wife’ fragment published by Karen King and Harvard Theological Review.  Photo via Nicola Denzey Lewis. Ariel Sabar and Liv Ingeborg Lied discuss the Gospel … Continue reading

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Hell’s Mouth Widens…

The mother of Victoria Martens, the 10-year-old girl who was brutally killed last month in New Mexico, had allegedly arranged for other men to sexually assault her daughter in the past, according to search warrants obtained by an Albuquerque television … Continue reading

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