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Calvin Studies Society Meeting Call For Papers

CALL FOR PROPOSALS Papers on Calvin and Calvin Studies for the RefoRC Conference | May 10-12, 2017 The Calvin Studies Society solicits proposals for paper presentations for a thematic panel for the Seventh Annual RefoRC conference, to be held in … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Bit of Political Forecasting…

Here.  Hillary will be elected with over 60% of the vote.  Trump will carry red states.  Including Tennessee (though I sure hope that’s the wrong percentage here.  I sure hope so)…

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The Bee Doesn’t Just Sting, It Napalms Jerry Falwell Jr

Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of Liberty University, announced at a Thursday press conference plans for the upcoming Trump Liberty Casino, to be located on campus to serve students and faculty. Located adjacent to the school’s beloved multi-purpose building, The Vines Center, the … Continue reading

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A Conference I Wish I had Attended

And when the Carnival rolls around, you’ll see more of it- but for now: With a bit of editorializing… because of, you know, recent events…

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When the Newness of the Gospel Wears Off…

The same thing happens to it that happened to Zwingli: So marked was the favor shown Zwingli by the people, that his enemies had not the boldness to assert themselves. But as the new doctrines began to lose their novelty, … Continue reading

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I Remember When WJK Used To Be A Super Publisher

It hasn’t been for a few years and it’s getting in the business of publishing more and more bizarre stuff (apparently the more bizarre the better they like it).  If Tyndale and Zondervan publish the rubbish of the far right, … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Heretical Unitarians and Universalists

The Unitarian Universalist Association revealed its new logo to much buzz and fanfare Thursday morning. Replacing its previous logo consisting of a flaming chalice, the new logo is a shrugging emoji man, said to represent the religious group’s lack of certain … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Creflo ‘I’d Sell My Soul and I Have For A’ Dollar

”It’s the little things in life,” televangelist Creflo Dollar reportedly told his wife Wednesday while walking by a massive pile of money in the foyer of their Georgia mansion where they heap the church offering every Sunday so they can “just look at it … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Proves Yet Again How Reprehensible and Disingenuous He Is: By Maligning a Pastor

Trump visited Bethel United Methodist Church on Wednesday afternoon after briefly touring Flint’s water treatment plant. (Flint has become a must-visit campaign stop this year, because of its high-profile water quality crisis.) Pastor Faith Green-Timmons introduced Trump to the predominantly … Continue reading

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It Just Isn’t True, is It…

People will often say things like ‘I’m no better than anyone else’ and ‘no one is any better than anyone else’ and I always want to say ‘Really?  So what you’re telling me is that you are as moral as … Continue reading

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This Came in an Email…

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You Know How People Will off the Cuff Say ‘I’m Praying For You’? Here’s Why That Should Horrify You…

People of all theological sorts like to say ‘I’m praying for you’ when something happens.  Indeed, the entire country ‘is thinking of you’ if something terrible happens in your town or to your community.  But I’m not so sure we … Continue reading

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Thomas Römer on the composition of the Hebrew Bible and Mamma Mia!

Originally posted on Remnant of Giants:
In “Autopsie de la Bible” (31 August 2016), French journal Témoignage chrétien interviews Professor Thomas Römer, chair of The Hebrew Bible and its Contexts at the Collège de France. It’s a good read. And at the end, there…

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