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Well With a Rousing Endorsement from a Pseudonymous Theater Goer…

What could be wrong with it… I guess no normal person has reviewed it…

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The Bee Stings The Heretic Hagee

Citing a desire to make sure he’s around for the next big eschatological event, prophecy expert and pastor John Hagee placed himself into his home’s specially installed cryogenic freezer Wednesday afternoon, leaving instructions that he’s not to be thawed out until … Continue reading

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The Only Election 2016 Bumper Sticker I’d Put on My Car

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Tilling’s Tillingisms and My Responses

Tilling’s ideas are the bullet points.  My response italic. • “Christian faith involves *personal relationship* with Jesus” (it really does, and no, it’s not just a modern invention, even if the specific phrase is. Nor is this to reduce Christian … Continue reading

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Peter Niklaus Profiled

I had the honor of meeting Peter years ago when he was the chief at TVZ.  It was he who gave me a tour of the publisher’s facilities and who gifted me with a volume on the Barmen Declaration. He’s … Continue reading

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The Christian History Institute’s Free Modules

Christian History Institute has compiled information about some of the key events in Christian History, and has arranged it in an easy-to-use format for personal or group study. Each era of church history is represented by thirteen modules, and there … Continue reading

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