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Well With a Rousing Endorsement from a Pseudonymous Theater Goer…

What could be wrong with it…


I guess no normal person has reviewed it…

The Bee Stings The Heretic Hagee

Citing a desire to make sure he’s around for the next big eschatological event, prophecy expert and pastor John Hagee placed himself into his home’s specially installed cryogenic freezer Wednesday afternoon, leaving instructions that he’s not to be thawed out until just before the beginning of the next expected lunar “blood moon” tetrad in the spring of 2032.

“I can’t bear to think of entering glory without getting to experience at least one more season of wild prophetic conjecture,” Hagee told reporters moments before kissing his family goodbye and stepping into the icy chamber expected to be his home for the next fifteen years or so. “I promise, when I get out, I’ll immediately set to work on a new book interpreting the inspired heavenly signs.”

“Though I’ll have to catch up on the current events to make it all fit together, of course,” he said with a good-natured chuckle. “Those newspaper headlines aren’t gonna exegete themselves, after all.”

Waving farewell to mankind for the next decade-and-a-half while Larry Norman’s premillenial anthem “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” played majestically in the background, Hagee stepped across the threshold of the state-of-the-art cryo chamber and into the history books, a large window on the front of the chamber allowing reporters to snap pictures of his rapidly freezing countenance.

And yes, Christian Zionism is heresy and Hagee is it’s chief proponent.

The Only Election 2016 Bumper Sticker I’d Put on My Car


Tilling’s Tillingisms and My Responses

Tilling’s ideas are the bullet points.  My response italic.
• “Christian faith involves *personal relationship* with Jesus” (it really does, and no, it’s not just a modern invention, even if the specific phrase is. Nor is this to reduce Christian faith to some kind of individualistic piety)
fair enough
• “hate the sin but love the sinner” (yep, I even endorse this as heuristically helpful. There is also a case for claiming that it is necessarily true, theologically speaking. Behind the denial of this proposition can lie the more sinister world of thought policing, particularly as deployed by those sucked into identity politics)
fair enough
• “evangelical universalism is coherent with creedal orthodoxy” (hell, yes)
there’s no such thing as evangelical universalism, there’s only the heresy of universalism pretending it’s evangelical.
• “Paul’s theology presents a trinitarian theology in a Jewish idiom” (of course everybody wants to shout aloud that trinitarian theology is an anachronism for reading Paul’s letters. But if the phrase “in Jewish idiom” is taken seriously, then trinitarian theology is not an anachronism.)
not really. but almost.
• “the various texts that constitute the Bible contradict themselves on numerous occasions on matters of history and theology” (this helpfully recalibrates what we mean when we aim to speak of “truth” in Christian terms. Acknowledgement of this statement, however, is not alone a sufficient posture towards the canonical corpus)
have different aims than, rather than contradict. the bible isn’t a history book and its various theologians have their own points to make.
• copyist errors, which are introduced into the biblical manuscript tradition, can constitute theological truth (well, why not?!)
no- they just indicate laziness, carelessness, or stupidity.
• “a canon within a canon cannot take the canon seriously” (let me put my position more provocatively: only an approach that endorses a canon within a canon can take the canon seriously… Okay, I don’t really believe that, but the sentence was fun to write)
fair enough

Peter Niklaus Profiled

I had the honor of meeting Peter years ago when he was the chief at TVZ.  It was he who gave me a tour of the publisher’s facilities and who gifted me with a volume on the Barmen Declaration.

He’s a wonderful person and you should get to know him.

Peter tanzt auf vielen Bühnen, aber immer mit klarem Fokus: Der Pfarrer und Kolumnist versteht sich als Übersetzer. Damit die Leute merken: Diese geistige Welt, die der Bibel, die der Literatur, das ist auch unsere Welt, unsere Wirklichkeit. Das ist nicht irgendein altes Schriftstück, das niemanden mehr interessiert. Das ist Kultur. Das hat Wert. Für uns alle. Es sei die Aufgabe der Theologen, eine warme und lebendige Sprache zu sprechen, sagt er,  «auch wenn man über Religion spricht». Gute Journalisten haben eine gute Sprache. Und gute Theologen eben auch.


The Christian History Institute’s Free Modules

Christian History Institute has compiled information about some of the key events in Christian History, and has arranged it in an easy-to-use format for personal or group study. Each era of church history is represented by thirteen modules, and there is also information on the Reformation. These free resources are available for download.

The Reformation modules pick up in 1300 and run through the early part of the 1600s. This segment covers topics such as John Wycliffe, Luther’s Catechism, John Foxe, and the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

More information