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Look, I Don’t Want to Sound Unpleasant, But This Guy Needs to be Executed By the State

He is pure evil.

Court documents have revealed that a former mayor of a small Ohio town, has not only confessed to molesting and raping a little girl for years but has also stated that the girl was a “willing participant.” In fact, the man who has described himself as a dedicated Christian accused the girl of being the one who initiated the sexual acts.

Richard Keenan, the former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio in 2010 and 2011, faces charges of eight counts of rape along with 12 counts of attempted rape and gross sexual imposition. According to the motion that the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office filed on Monday, Keenan had confessed to his wife, brother, sister-in-law, and even his pastor of the criminal acts he had committed over a three-year period. It was just last month that Richard Keenan was indicted on the charges, but he has already posted a $75,000 bond and has been released.

The first media outlet to report on the former mayor being indicted was the Youngstown Vindicator, and they revealed that Keenan’s wife, Diana, had first been told of her husband’s criminal sexual activities by the little girl. When she confronted her 65-year-old husband, who is a father of three daughters and three grandchildren, the woman was told point blank by the former mayor that, “I did it.” He later checked himself into a psychiatric facility claiming suicidal thoughts over his actions and during his stay on the ValleyCare Trumbull Memorial Hospital psychiatric ward he admitted to the molesting and rape of the little girl during group discussions.

Richard Keenan also had a session with a social worker whom he told that he had been “feeling suicidal because he had been molesting the child victim for approximately the past two years.” The case that Assistant Prosecutor Gabriel Wildman will present to the courts said that it was during those sessions that Keenan began blaming the victim – who was only 4-years-old when he started molesting her – of being the one to initiate the acts and stated that she had been a “willing participant.”

The prosecutor is currently awaiting a decision from the judge about whether or not the confession Keenan made to his wife and the “in-depth” conversations he had with his pastor are considered as privileged or if they can be allowed into the trial next year as evidence. No member of the clergy can be forced into testifying about a confidential discussion nor a confession, but according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in the state of Ohio, it is possible for a person to testify against their spouse if they so desire.

He’s not sick.  He’s satanic.

Science Explains The Autumnal Cooling Cycle


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Are you Excited Yet about #AAR2016?

Maybe this will get your heart pumping!


Bless the Precious Snowflakes…

Ivy League Professor Questioned By Police After Setting Exam Questions That Were Too Hard

Police are investigating a Yale professor today after an undergraduate student became suspicious of an equation in an exam.

“I felt terrorized by the equation”, said the student who didn’t wish to be named “I mean, this is America, we shouldn’t be frightened to walk into our own exam halls, but yet, here I was earlier today feeling very, very uncomfortable with this terrorist type of equation”. “It looked like some kind of secret code or something. I don’t know if it was even written in American.”

“My head started to hurt right away when I saw it.” “There has got to be some kind of amendment against it or something.” Speaking on behalf of the local police, a spokesperson said that the questions on the exam “did indeed look to be very difficult” and in the opinion of the police force “probably needed to be handled by trained people who had actually studied the subject matter”.

The university has released a statement apologizing to the student body for setting exam questions that were clearly too hard. The university said that “lessons had been learned and the customer is always right. The professors responsible will be prosecuted in a court of criminal law and also in a civil court. We will not stand for them trying to hide behind their claims of academic freedom and something about standards.”

Sounds legit, giving the whinitude of the millennials.

The Bee Stings The Gender Misidentification Fad: The Latest Gender- Tater Tot

After reviewing a local teenage girl’s Tumblr blog, the American Psychological Association confirmed Tuesday morning that “tater tots” is now a distinct and definable gender, and should be afforded the same protections that the other 43,492 genders currently enjoy.

The findings came as doctors on the board of the APA were alerted to local Tumblr user Katniss Sprinkle, who had made the announcement just one week prior that she no longer identified as a human girl but rather felt her gender most closely aligned with that of the fried, grated potato dish popular at school cafeterias.

“I just don’t feel comfortable calling my biologically female self a female any longer,” the brave young tater tot said in an interview over Snapchat as she applied a goofy filter to make herself look like a bumble bee. “My emotions are the best judge of my reality, and they’re telling me I’m a dish of fried potatoes—so lay off me, binary cishets.”

“And go kill yourselves too, while you’re at it,” Sprinkle finished before her mom called her downstairs to finish her pre-algebra homework.

At publishing time, the APA was again adjusting its list of genders, as Sprinkle had reportedly announced her new gender identification as a washing machine.

It’s funny because it’s true.  People really are that unhinged.

Quote of the Day

In proportion as it is a solemn work to preach it is a solemn work to hear. – Charles Spurgeon

Photos Galore from #IOSOT2016

Willem has posted a bunch, and I mean a BUNCH of photos from the meeting.  You can see them here on his facebook page.


Via Ben Myers- the index of Sonderegger’s theology confuses Herman Bavinck with his lesser known Eastern European cousin Herman Bavnik.  Bavnik was actually a cow-herd and not a Reformed theologian.  And, oh yeah, editing…




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