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Look, I Don’t Want to Sound Unpleasant, But This Guy Needs to be Executed By the State

He is pure evil. Court documents have revealed that a former mayor of a small Ohio town, has not only confessed to molesting and raping a little girl for years but has also stated that the girl was a “willing … Continue reading

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Science Explains The Autumnal Cooling Cycle

via Ben Brown

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Are you Excited Yet about #AAR2016?

Maybe this will get your heart pumping!

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Bless the Precious Snowflakes…

Ivy League Professor Questioned By Police After Setting Exam Questions That Were Too Hard Police are investigating a Yale professor today after an undergraduate student became suspicious of an equation in an exam. “I felt terrorized by the equation”, said … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Gender Misidentification Fad: The Latest Gender- Tater Tot

After reviewing a local teenage girl’s Tumblr blog, the American Psychological Association confirmed Tuesday morning that “tater tots” is now a distinct and definable gender, and should be afforded the same protections that the other 43,492 genders currently enjoy. The findings … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

In proportion as it is a solemn work to preach it is a solemn work to hear. – Charles Spurgeon

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Many Recent Books About Jesus In One Sentence

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Photos Galore from #IOSOT2016

Willem has posted a bunch, and I mean a BUNCH of photos from the meeting.  You can see them here on his facebook page.

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Via Ben Myers- the index of Sonderegger’s theology confuses Herman Bavinck with his lesser known Eastern European cousin Herman Bavnik.  Bavnik was actually a cow-herd and not a Reformed theologian.  And, oh yeah, editing…

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