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If You Ever Travel to Britain, Or Happen to Befriend A Brit…

The best advice you can be given is to watch this series from Brit Tv- Very British Problems. It’s on Netflix. If a Brit says anything to you, anything at all, it has to be decoded and this series is … Continue reading

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How Churches Fail…

Churches fail people when they give them what they want instead of what they need.  And Christians fail churches and their neighbors when they demand that churches give them what they want rather than what they need.

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I’ve Always Wanted to be A Lumberjack

Local worship leader Jimmy “Page” Johnson reported Monday that he’s still working nights at a nearby logging operation, manning a chainsaw to help cut down trees, all without ever changing his outfit. “It’s really ideal for my situation,” Johnson said, clad … Continue reading

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How To Deface a Biblical Text and Feel Pious While Doing It…

Just paint a wall by a urinal with a text you’ve completely decontextualized and then use it for chuckle material for adolescent boys.  That’ll do it.  Text bastardized.

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Don’t Miss McKnight’s Takedown Of the ESV’s Absurdity

Here.  Oh, and by the by, if you really want to read THE BIBLE, learn Hebrew and Greek.  Otherwise you aren’t really reading the Bible anyway.

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Karl Barth als Lehrer der Versöhnung (1950–1968): Vertiefung – Öffnung – Hoffnung

Das Buch dokumentiert das dritte Internationale Symposium zum Werk Karl Barths. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Barths Arbeiten zur Versöhnungslehre. Ihre Innovationen vor allem auf den Feldern der Christologie, der Soteriologie und der Rechtfertigungslehre werden vorgestellt, aufgearbeitet und auf ihre für Theologie, … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the ‘Pastor’ Who Doesn’t Know Anything About Theology

Fact is, there are actually too many of this sort in the ministry… Contorting his face into a pained expression and covering the word in exaggerated air quotes, pastor Evan Duncan of Journey of Grace Church uttered the word “theology” … Continue reading

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When You Really Look Around…

You can easily understand Jeremiah’s lament- My grief is beyond healing, my heart is sick within me. Hark, the cry of the daughter of my people from the length and breadth of the land: “Is the LORD not in Zion? Is … Continue reading

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Old Heresies Crop Up As ‘New Insights’..

So we need to remind ourselves that overemphasizing Jesus’ humanity leads to as many errors as overemphasizing his divinity. #OldHeresiesMadeNewInRecentBooks

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Through the Bible with Michael Langlois

You should check this out: This year again, I teach a course of Introduction to the Bible and to exegesis at the University of Strasbourg. This is a first-year course for students preparing a bachelor in Protestant Theology or a University Degree … Continue reading

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Konrad Schmid, Reading a Paper on Brunner’s Battle With Liberalism

@bildungkirche – AT-Professor Konrad Schmid zum Streit Emil Brunners mit der liberalen Theologie, der ihn geprägt hat. #emilbrunner50

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Right Now in Zurich… They’re Discussing Emil Brunner’s Influence…

So here’s a post from the anniversary of his death- to remind you why he matters still- “Barth’s letter arrived on the morning of 5 April. Vogelsanger cycled to the clinic at Zollikerberg, and informed Brunner that “Karl Barth sends … Continue reading

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Follow the Emil Brunner Tagung on Twitter

Wir berichten live von der Tagung zum 50.Todestag von Emil Brunner. Auch bei twitter mit dem Hashtag #emilbrunner50 @drjewest @refpunktch Absolutely.

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