It’s Time To End All Male Panels at Academic Conferences

Sign the pledge, academic friends, asserting that you will not serve on a panel at an academic conference which fails to include at least one woman (besides the chair).

“At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one woman on the panel, not including the Chair.”

It’s that simple.  Please sign.

One thought on “It’s Time To End All Male Panels at Academic Conferences

  1. Bruce Gardner 14 Sep 2016 at 12:43 pm

    Is this not sexism? There could be all-women or all-male panels, depending on fields, expertise and relevance to the topic. To insist on including relevant women, not excluding them, I would understand, but do quotas not smack of mere politics and oppressive impositions on freedom, which by their nature hinder judicious use of decision-making to further understanding alone?

    If women be unjustly excluded, fine, but I am wary of signing up to politics that remove liberty.


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