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Those So Called ‘Non Denominational’ Churches: An Observation

If the church you attend is so ashamed of its denominational heritage that it doesnt have it in the name, flee Sodom.  Non denominational churches don’t exist any more than lemon free lemonade exists.  No church just springs up out … Continue reading

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Crowds, Jesus and Jocks

Watching jocks walk through clamoring crowds who pine with outstretched hands just to touch them is as close as you’ll ever get to seeing what people were like around Jesus. Think about that a few seconds.

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Has Anyone Done a Comparative Study of Israelite Pottery and Symbolic Meaning?

This tweet made me wonder:

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A Lifelong Republican Refuses to Vote Trump

Here’s why (in part) I am saddened to write this opinion piece, but after much thought, I must. In my long life I have never voted for a Democrat for president. That will change this year. The country can survive … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Scripture-less Pulpiteers

Local pastor Adam Davis dutifully carries his leather-bound Bible to the pulpit every Sunday morning, and then proceeds to preach for twenty-five minutes without ever opening or referencing the book, sources confirmed Saturday. “It’s a really nice looking Bible,” one … Continue reading

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It’s Both Appalling and Disgusting…

That on academic discussion lists these days you are actually free to talk about a book you’ve never read!  And people take you seriously!

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As The Normalization of Deviance Continues… As Predicted

I mentioned this story the other day and sure enough, it hasn’t taken long for the act to be addressed in an attempt to normalize it. Disgusted by incest? Genetic Sexual Attraction is real and on the rise. It’s interesting … Continue reading

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It’s Time To End All Male Panels at Academic Conferences

Sign the pledge, academic friends, asserting that you will not serve on a panel at an academic conference which fails to include at least one woman (besides the chair). “At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of … Continue reading

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Well OK Then….

Indonesian villagers dig up dead relatives and dress them up http://dailym.ai/2cn2bgt   (via the twitter).

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Is This the True ‘Devil’s Triangle’?

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And Looking Very Much Forward To It

Via Richard *The Disco King* Goode- I am, however, not as odd as Ezekiel.  I promise…

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Want a Copy? Win a Copy!

This fantastic video produced by the Christian History Institute can be yours if you’re the lucky winner.  To win, you simply need to enter by Sharing this post on your twitter feed, Facebook page, or blog (and you have to … Continue reading

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