Teach Greek at Roehampton



The University of Roehampton is looking for a suitably qualified Visiting Lecturer to teach introductory NT Greek, starting in October. Other NT modules are required in the New Year.  Level 4, Introduction to NT Greek (Autumn and Spring term, Tues 2-3.30pm, starting 4th Oct 2016, finishing 28th Mar 2017 except half terms, 30 hrs contact over 20 weeks).

Others: In the Spring term, there are other NT modules available on individual NT texts (Levels 5 & 6, 30 hrs contact over 10 weeks), and an MA module called Approaches to Biblical Studies (25 hrs contact over 10 weeks). Further details available on request.  Remuneration is £45 x contact hours and covers teaching, marking and occasional academic boards where the module needs to be discussed.  Anyone interested in any of the above should contact Dr. A. Rogers at (andrew.rogers@roehampton.ac.uk).