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More of those Inconvenient Words of Jesus

“To what will I compare this generation? It is like a child sitting in the marketplaces calling out to others, ‘We played the flute for you and you didn’t dance. We sang a funeral song and you didn’t mourn.’ For John came … Continue reading

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It’s Friday- Get the Commentary

The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series is now complete.  It is the only series of Commentaries written by a single person on the entire Bible and aimed at layfolk in modern history. The books can be obtained by the usual route.  Or, … Continue reading

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‘His life is a vacuum of principle’ – The NYT on Donald Trump

In an essay which demonstrates utter and complete familiarity with Trump, the author notes, among other things, Melania Trump says that her husband “is intensely loyal … he will never let you down.” Then again, she’s his third wife. His first … Continue reading

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The Huqoq Elephant Mosaic

Jodi Mageness sends along this happy news- The Huqoq elephant mosaic has now been published online by National Geographic: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/09/mysterious-mosaic-alexander-the-great-israel/ It’s a fantastic and finely illustrated write up!

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Some People Need to Learn to Distinguish Between the Words of Jesus and the Words of His Interpreters

Like Leithart who, without justification or reason, has read John’s rendition of the prayer of Jesus in Chapter 17 of his Gospel as a roadmap of Jesus himself for the future of his Church. Some ‘theologians’ are genuinely awful at … Continue reading

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What Do Julian the Apostate and Donald Trump Have in Common?

The first was crowned by flying demons and the second, if elected, will be also.

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Zwingliana Reviewed

I got the latest issue of the 16th Century Journal today and among its many interesting offerings there was this review of the greatest of all the historical journals-

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Sarah Bond, on the History of Christians and Tattoos

You won’t want to miss this essay in Forbes by our own Sarah Bond- Whether the medieval Picts or Mike Tyson, the body has always served as a public canvas. Upon it, identities are advertised–ones chosen for us and ones of … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days…

Weren’t really all that good to be quite honest- Let’s face it- if some dude is getting his leg hacked off I’m not standing next to him patting him on the head in an attempt to comfort him like the … Continue reading

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Teach Greek at Roehampton

Via BNTS- NT Greek – URGENT The University of Roehampton is looking for a suitably qualified Visiting Lecturer to teach introductory NT Greek, starting in October. Other NT modules are required in the New Year.  Level 4, Introduction to NT … Continue reading

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The End of #IOSOT2016

Jaap Dekker @drjaapdekker – Closing words of Johann Cook, president of the very well organized #IOSOT2016 congress at @StellenboschUni.

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