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Thanks, Pope Franky, You’ve De-Catholicized the Catholic Church…

Despite efforts to figure whether they were in a Catholic or Protestant service, local parishioners were left baffled after an “animated” man wearing vestments put on a head mic and began pacing back and forth as he delivered his sermon. … Continue reading

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These Days?

zelus domus tuae comedit me  (Ps. 68:10)…  Good luck finding anyone who can pray that prayer…

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What the Church in America Has Become: A Place to Get Your ‘Sexy Back’…

Or at least that’s what some people think.  Congratulations, Christianity, you’ve done a bang up job communicating the reason for your existence.

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Tell Me Again How Much God Matters to American Christians?

Vols fans will arrive at Bristol Saturday morning at 7 when the gates open to the parking lot for a game that starts 13 hours later. Meanwhile, on Sunday, most Christians won’t arrive at worship at all.  Tell me again … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Worshipless Megachurches

AL—Northwoods Church recently unveiled its new $90 million campus to much fanfare, but somehow just noticed Sunday that the design had failed to include a sanctuary or auditorium where congregants could worship corporately and hear the Word of God being preached … Continue reading

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The SBL Artifact Policy Statement

Members of SBL received this email today: Dear Colleagues, Members of the Society of Biblical Literature encounter important ethical issues related to the authenticity and provenance of ancient artifacts. Such artifacts include, but are not limited to, archaeological objects and … Continue reading

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Oral Fixation and New Testament Studies? ‘Orality’, ‘Performance’ and Reading Texts in Early Christianity

You owe it to yourself to read this essay by Larry Hurtado- New Testament Studies, 60, pp 321-340. It is supremely interesting. It begins like this: In recent decades, emphasising the ‘orality/aurality’ of the Roman world, some scholars have asserted … Continue reading

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The New Semester Begins September 12th…

And this semester I’m teaching a course on the Book of Exodus.  Looking forward to it very much.  I love Church history and had a blast teaching a course on Luther last semester but my first love is Hebrew Bible … Continue reading

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It Happens to us All…

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