Something New For the Blogroll: The Zurich New Testament Blog

You had me at Zurich… This new blog has a rather interesting aim.  To wit-

This Blog is associated with the Peer-Mentoring-Group “Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft.” This organisation is funded by the UZH Graduate Campus and aims at supporting junior researchers at the UZH Zurich. To achieve this general goal, our own Peer-Mentoring-Group follows three main strategies: (1) We want to create an atmosphere in which independent thinking as well as synergetic effects can thrive. Regular lunches at which everybody is welcome to ask for advice on specific issues and where scholars can have general discussions about their research are an important part of implementing such an academic culture. (2) Different educational biographies lead to a great variety of competences among junior researchers. In methodological workshops we can learn from the expertise of our colleagues. Further, we invite external experts to teach skills that are helpful in the study of early Christianity. (3) While methodological competency is an important aspect of qualifying young researchers for the variegated job market, specific advice on important issues relating to academic careers is also a crucial aspect of postgraduate education. Hence, we organise workshops and seminars that are of relevance in that regard.

The history and description of the new work are spelled out in Germanic detail at the link above.  I’ll add it to the blogroll under biblioblogs, since I intend on looking in on what they’re doing fairly regularly.