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The Bee Stings the Pseudo-Morality of the Modern Christian

Sources confirmed Tuesday that unrestrained sex and drug use are now covered as acceptable behaviors under local man Aiden Pearson’s ever-expanding definition of “Christian liberty.” “I’m just trying to really live into my freedom in Christ while purging myself of any … Continue reading

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Photos From #BNTC2016

Corrected… as it were… (and original unretouched photos by Paul Middleton).

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Something To Share

“Holy Places in Biblical and Extrabiblical Traditions: Proceedings of the Bonn-Leiden-Oxford Colloquium on Biblical Studies” is a newly published volume from Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. The contributions of this volume try to shape this phenomenon for selected texts of the Old … Continue reading

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Call For Papers: The Deadline Approaches

October 1st the SECSOR call for papers closes.  If you’re in the SBL and live in the Southeast, come along to our annual meeting in March.  And read a paper.  For the Hebrew Bible section.

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Twitter Theology that Makes Me Sigh

Maybe ‘preach the Gospel’ really should top the list instead of coming in as an afterthought…

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It’s a Hard Truth, But it Is True

In an essay about sports and American life and Christians in America, Tim Suttle obeserves “Today, we often regard the Sabbath as arcane or impotent, but it possesses unimaginable power. In my congregation, for example, a chief rival for participation … Continue reading

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Something New For the Blogroll: The Zurich New Testament Blog

You had me at Zurich… This new blog has a rather interesting aim.  To wit- This Blog is associated with the Peer-Mentoring-Group “Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft.” This organisation is funded by the UZH Graduate Campus and aims at supporting junior researchers at the … Continue reading

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History, Politics and the Bible from the Iron Age to the Media Age

As biblical studies becomes increasingly fragmented, this collection of essays brings together a number of leading scholars in order to show how historical reconstruction, philology, metacriticism, and reception history can be part of a collective vision for the future of … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Suggestion, Bruce

Note- Bruce Ware- Zwingli had no ‘affinities‘ with the young Calvin.  Joe Mock is right.  Ware’s remark is a real howler.   It’s like suggesting that Augustine’s views exist because of his ‘affinities’ with Luther.  Zwingli was dead before Calvin … Continue reading

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