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One of My Favorite Books of All Time

9780802828040Is this classic.  It is really one of the most interesting volumes I’ve ever read.  And yes, you can get it in English (if you must, gentle slacker).

Does Anyone Know The Artist? Mystery Solved

Update:  Mystery solved!  Martin mentioned the suspected artist and with that information I was able to track down this painting:

A scholar of the 16th Jh.s in his studying room – Max Gaisser

Who produced this ‘Theologian’?


Meanwhile, at #IOSOT2016, Johann Cook Receives his Festschrift

Via.  And be sure to follow the happenings on twitter at #IOSOT2016.


I’m so envious of James Aitken… he’s there-


Call For Submissions for the October 1 Biblical Studies Carnival

This month I’m collecting posts from the 7 continents (in an attempt to show that biblical studies is a worldwide phenomenon). Here are the 7 continents (in case you weren’t paying attention in geography class) –

  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. North America
  4. South America
  5. Australia
  6. Antarctica
  7. Africa

If you read an interesting Bib Studies post send it along and if you don’t mind tell me the country of origin. With gratitude in advance.


Plagiarism Flow Chart

You need to make use of this.  Especially if you’re a biblical scholar or theologian.


Via (where you can see a quite large image)

Do It For the Children!

Do what?  Buy the Commentary whilst it’s on sale this weekend.  Or the children will be angry when they choose your nursing home.


Signs of the Times: Take Your Demonized Dog Elsewhere


Fun Facts From Church History

ughNothing in the entire history of the Church has ever happened on 4 September.  Nothing.

September 4- a greater debacle than even that book.  Or group.  Or conference.  Barely.  Ok, no, you’re right.  All that rubbish is a greater debacle.  4 September is just the second greatest debacle.

For My Pastor Friends

You’re welcome-