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Religious Art as Propaganda

A friend sent along this fantastic bit of Papist art which depicts Calvin, Zwingli, and Luther as being crushed by a wagon driven by Mary and pulled by the Popes-


El triunfo de la Iglesia. Nicolás Rodríguez Juárez (1695)

Wishful thinking, Nick.  Wishful thinking.

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And Now I Must Begin a Series of Imprecatory Prayers…

Against the dastardly Lutheran seminarians giving Zwingli a pie to the face…

You’ve had it now Lutherans*…
*The book says ‘dear diary, I met with Luther today, why must he be so stubborn? I felt as if he threw a verbal pie in my face! Blast those confounded Lutherans!’

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Quote of the Day

Why should you fear to be stripped of that which you have resigned already to Christ? It is the first lesson you learn, if a Christian: to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow your Master, so that the enemy comes too late. You have no life to lose because you have given it already to Christ, nor can man take away that without God’s leave. All you have is insured, and though God has not promised you immunity from suffering in this kind, yet he has undertaken to bear the loss, indeed, to pay you a hundredfold, and you will not stay for it till another world. — WILLIAM GURNALL

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Signs of the Times: The South Africa Edition


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Signs of the Times


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Why Christians Shouldn’t Fall For Political Posturing

Here’s yet another patheos attempt to persuade readers that something is something that it isn’t.  The call for Christians to celebrate Kaepernick’s ‘biblical’ example fails on two counts:

1- his attention to or inattention to a national anthem has no pro or con basis in Scripture (in spite of what Yoder and Hauerwas want to mislead people into believing).

2- His stated reason for remaining seated has nothing to do with Christianity.  His confession is that he’s done it to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.  They do matter, but being for or against that movement has absolutely literally nothing to do with whether one is a Christian or not.


In sum, in spite of patheos’ attempt to summon Christian agreement to a jock’s personal choice simply for the sake of political posturing and jumping on the Kaepernick controversy bandwagon, the one has nothing to do with the other.

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Get the Commentary for Half Price Over Labor Day Weekend


Offer ends Midnight, Monday, September 5th.

Get the PDF’s of THE commentary from yours truly for a paltry $199 $99 by clicking my PayPal Link.  It’s that simple.

The Commentary is comprised of 42 individual volumes and all together are available in electronic format normally for $199 but, as I said, it’s available till midnight Monday for half that.  And it’s worth it.  Here’s what one reviewer has said about the Corinthian volumes-

Saint Paul knew more than I can ever imagine about Christians living in tension with the Gospel and with each other, and his several letters to the Church in Corinth are pivotal to the entire New Testament. Which is why I am so pleased to mention here some recent commentaries by a friend of mine, Jim West, on I and II Corinthians.

Subtitled ‘for the Person in the Pew’, and published by Quartz Hill Publishing House of Quartz Hill School of Theology, California, these two commentaries are in fact part of a much larger project by West to write similar commentaries on every book of the Bible, and to make them available in print and electronically for everyone to read. That project is now completed and the results are tremendous.

I think there are three main reasons why these commentaries are so successful. First, West is a first-class Biblical scholar, one who makes the intelligent critical study of the text central to his theological interpretation. That commitment is rarer than one might imagine and to have it realized across the entire Bible is an astonishing feat that gives us now a unique resource.

Second, and delightfully, Jim West is a great writer: his pages fizz with sharp words and phrases and he appears incapable of saying anything boring about these texts. This ability keeps us reading along with him and, more importantly, reading along with Saint Paul. I have rarely come across any Christian writing project, aimed at ‘the person in the pew’, that has succeeded so brilliantly in bringing alive its subject matter.

Third, West couldn’t dodge an issue if his life depended on it, which can be an uncomfortable position for a Christian theologian. Corinth, as with most churches in most places, had some strange people believing and practising some odd things. The knack, as West points out, is to engage them endlessly with love and grace rather than self-righteous anger, but to engage them: ‘Paul lived with a purpose. And he urges the Corinthians to do the same. As we all who name the name of Christ must’ (West on I Cor. 9:27, p.60).

I am going to be talking to Jim about making these commentaries available through Ming Hua’s website, but inspect them for yourselves if you have the time: you will find them a superb companion to your own reading of the Bible and, as importantly, a great reminder of just how much the early Church struggled with some of the same problems we face now.

Gareth Jones, Principal
Ming Hua Theological College
Hong Kong

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So A Friend Visiting Her Uncle…

And he shows her this Bible…   It’s a 1599 Bishop’s Bible (!) and he just has it laying on his coffee table!  What the heck!!!!!!  Why can’t I have any cool relatives?

Anyway, she sent a text asking about it… because they wondered what it was… I told her to have him send it to me, and I’ll take care of it for him…


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Meanwhile, At The Conclusion of #BNTC2016…


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Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Metaxas


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