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Meanwhile, Down at the Pub During #BNTC2016…

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Mel Gibson is Doing A Sequel to the Passion…

So the Telegraph reports. Mel Gibson has confirmed he’s working on a follow-up to The Passion of the Christ. Putting in a surprise appearance at the SoCal Harvest evangelical event in Anaheim, California, on Sunday evening, Gibson told host Greg … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Silly Angry Atheists Maher and Dawkins

Brilliant. Television host Bill Maher gathered with famous atheist Richard Dawkins for a web-exclusive episode of Real Time with Bill Maher Friday to discuss the recent, devastating floods in Louisiana, spending much of their time together detailing the immense destruction … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Mindlessness of the ‘Celebrity Pastor’

Life Journey Bible College & Seminary, known for its readily attainable degrees in practical theology and missional outreach, announced its latest degree offering Friday morning: celebrity pastoring. Seminarians wishing to attain a bachelor’s degree in being a wildly celebrated public figure within Christian … Continue reading

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Rich White Rapist Gets 6 Months, Serves 3

Merica… Three months after he received a lenient punishment for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at Stanford University, Brock Turner left the Santa Clara County Main Jail on Friday morning, having served half of a six-month sentence that drew a … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times: Kaepernick v. Yemen

Americans are more concerned about an NFL multimillionaire sitting during a song than they are about the tens of thousands of Yemenis being killed by Saudi airstrikes.  There’s more faux outrage in this country than there is an honest desire … Continue reading

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Calvinus Pastor Ecclesiae: Papers of the Eleventh International Congress on Calvin Research

Just published. The publisher has sent a review copy although I have to admit right up front that I was present in Zurich at the meeting where and when these papers were presented two years ago and remember most of … Continue reading

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Die Septuaginta – Orte und Intentionen

Die Septuaginta ist als jüdische Bibelübersetzung ab dem 3. Jahrhundert v.Chr. entstanden und wurde zur zentralen Grundlage des Judentums in der griechisch-sprachigen Welt. Textgeschichtlich ist sie für das Alte Testament die wichtigste Quelle neben dem hebräisch-masoretischen Text und den nur … Continue reading

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How might New Testament Studies flourish in the next generation?

Originally posted on Remnant of Giants:
How Might NT Studies Flourish in the Next Generation?

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Meanwhile, at #BNTC2016, In a Session On Revelation…

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