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Another Gem From Jerome

In my youth, after reading the flowery rhetoric of Quintilian and Tully, I entered on the vigorous study of Hebrew, the expenditure of much time and energy barely enabled me to utter the puffing and hissing words; I seemed to … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Personal Pronoun…

Because here’s where we are now… ANN ARBOR, MI (WCMH) – A University of Michigan student is having some fun with His Majesty’s school’s policy of allowing students to choose their preferred gender pronouns on class rosters.  Grant Strobl, chairman … Continue reading

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Democrats and Republicans and Independents Can All Agree on This…


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Phoenix Police Issue Cease And Desist To Trump Campaign For Violating Federal Law

Your nominee, GOP… The Phoenix Police Department has sent a letter to the Trump campaign, demanding they pull an ad that features members of the department shaking hands with the Republican presidential nominee, making it seem as though Trump has the … Continue reading

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Another Gem From Jerome

Discussing the then current state of the world, Jerome writes Are there still some remaining for the demons to carry away by their delusions? Why yes, Jerome, there are. A lot.  And they’re keeping the demons so busy that they … Continue reading

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That ‘Hezekiah’s Toilet’ Story? Yeah, It’s Much Ado About Nothing

But that isn’t stopping the ignoramuses like the people at Relevant Magazine from blowing it all out of proportion and making a suit out of a button. The little bauble proves nothing that is being claimed it proves.  Nothing.  But … Continue reading

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Luther’s Review of A Certain Book…

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The Bee Stings the Ontological Emptiness of Atheism

At a Friday local chapter meeting of anti-religion group Atheist Friends United, skeptic and freethinker Michelle Newberry reportedly delivered a powerful, inspiring testimony, recounting her journey from hoping in God to finally realizing that she is nothing but a carbon-based cosmic accident whose existence … Continue reading

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It’s Magical… The Magic Flute by WA Mozart

And it premiered on this date.

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Another Gem from Jerome

If there is anything of which you are ignorant, if you have any doubt about Scripture, ask one whose life commends him, whose age puts him above suspicion, whose reputation does not belie him. … Or if there should be … Continue reading

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IOSOT News and Information for the 2019 Meeting in Aberdeen

During the business meeting of the 22nd congress (held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, from 4 to 9 September 2016) of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT), Professor Joachim Schaper (Aberdeen) was elected to serve as … Continue reading

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A ‘Fantastic’ Looking Book Forthcoming!

You know you want to ‘read’ it…

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It’s The Feast Day of St Jerome!

The only Church Father deserving of a feast day or of being remembered and celebrated.  Indeed, the only theologian between Paul and Zwingli whose worth knowing at all. Happy St Jerome Day!

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Private or President: Candidates Should be Subjected to Psychological Testing

A private in the Army has to pass a psychological battery of tests before she or he can serve.  Shouldn’t a Presidential candidate also meet certain minimum psychological tests? So why don’t we insist such tests be administered to candidates … Continue reading

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Skip Worship at your Own Peril…

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Quote of the Day

Those who through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ have escaped the pollutions of this world, according to the words of Peter [2 Peter 2:20], and are not willing to become again entangled therein, ought not to be reckoned … Continue reading

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“Here I Stand” – The Online Exhibition of Luther’s Career and Life

Check it out here.  It’s pretty darned cool.

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The BEST Endorsement of THE Commentary Yet!

Via Ralph Keen, an expert on Melanchthon, who has evidently discovered a new ipsissima verum verba of the great Reformer! Get your own copy of The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series and BE LIKE MELANCHTHON.  It is the only series of … Continue reading

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Me- today- and every day.

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Another Book By Wright (Which is the Same Book it Always Is)

Tom Wright (he goes by Tom when he writes pop stuff and by NT when it’s more academic because NT reminds you of the New Testament and he likes that association) has published another book which is the same book … Continue reading

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