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The Carnival Cometh!

At midnight plus 1 minute!

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AAR’s Interpretive Dance Squad Is Getting Ready for San Antonio

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The 2017 Dungan Lecture at the University of Tennessee

FEBRUARY 16 Thursday at 5.30 pm at Cox Auditorium David L. Dungan Memorial Lecture • Professor Dale Martin, Yale University “Sexual(Im)morality in Early Christianity”

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A Conversation You’ll Never Overhear At Your Local Walmart

The following will never be something you overhear at Walmart for reasons that are obvious to everyone: 10 year old girl1: Mommy, I have cheerleader2 practice tonight at 6. Mom: You can’t make it tonight honey, we have something else … Continue reading

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Twitter Misprisions: Or, How Journalists Should Stop Pretending to Be Historians

Don’t you hate it when modern American journalists take an attitude of superiority towards ancient cultures and peoples and accuse them of ‘strangeness’ only because they neither live in ancient times nor understand ancient cultures but instead want to superimpose … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The ‘But Jesus Never Said Anything About That’ Mob

Want to know what I’m incredibly tired of? Christians speaking out against felony home invasion. I’ll never understand why self-described “followers of Christ” feel so comfortable rallying around a topic that Jesus never even mentioned. Can you name one single time Jesus specifically addressed this … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Karl Barth: He Wasn’t a Universalist Like Origen. He Was Worse

Karl Barth has been charged with teaching Universalism. When he denies this he is not altogether wrong. He knows too much about the not particularly illustrious theologians who have taught this doctrine of Apokatastasis in Christian history to be willing to allow himself to be … Continue reading

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