Don’t Use the Word ‘Sinner’, According to Some, it Makes the Angels Sad…

Apparently the angels aren’t very familiar with scripture.


So, to help them out-

  • … their heart contrives evil from their infancy (Gen. 8:21 NJB)
  • … Sin is the oracle of the wicked in the depths of his heart; there is no fear of God before his eyes. (Ps. 36:1 NJB)
  • … He hankers after ashes, his deluded heart has led him astray; he will not save himself, he will not think, ‘What I have in my hand is nothing but a lie!’ (Isa. 44:20 NJB)
  • … ‘The heart is more devious than any other thing, and is depraved; who can pierce its secrets? (Jer. 17:9 NJB)
  • … For from the heart come evil intentions: murder, adultery, fornication, theft, perjury, slander. (Matt. 15:19 NJB)

Maybe some of the angels ought to read scripture instead of draw.