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The Best Personal Ad To This Point in History

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The Bee Stings The Decontextualizing Warren

Roughly three months ago, local woman Heidi Miller, 32, had had enough—and was bound and determined to change her lifestyle. “I’d been this way since I was a kid—just, you know, life habits I picked up from my parents and my … Continue reading

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A Volume By James Barr

Comparative Philology and the Text of the Old Testament by James Barr Eisenbrauns, 2001 ix + 436 pages, English Cloth ISBN: 9780931464331 List Price: $42.50 Your Price: $17.00 http://www.eisenbrauns.com/item/BARCOMPAR

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Die Reformatoren übersetzen

Die Reformatoren übersetzen: Theologisch-politische Dimensionen bei Leo Juds (1482–1542) Übersetzungen von Zwinglis und Bullingers Schriften ins Lateinische– Der Prediger, Liederdichter, Dozent und Bibelübersetzer Leo Jud gehörte zu den engsten Mitarbeitern Zwinglis. Erstmalig widmet sich eine Untersuchung seinen 1535 in Zürich … Continue reading

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EpiPen is a Symptom of a Bigger Disease: Big Pharmaceutical Lobbying

Sign the petition here.

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The Horse is Friday and the Rider is this Week

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When People Say ‘I’ve Read the Bible’…

And what they’ve really only read is a few Psalms and a chapter from the Gospel of John…  I be like….

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Tilling and I May Not Be Rooming at SBL…

But we’ll still be spending time together…

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Calvin’s Return to Geneva and the Preparations for His Arrival

‘On Monday, August 26, thirty-six écus were voted by the Council to Eustace Vincent, equestrian herald, to go for Master Calvin, the preacher, at Strasburg.’ It was announced in the Council, August 29, that Master Calvin was to arrive one … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

When people tell me they’ve read a theologian when what they really mean is that they’ve read one book by a theologian and a few books about a theologian and still think they know what the theologian thinks.  Bro, you … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

When people talk about one of the Reformers and it’s obvious they can’t Reformer, I’m like

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Zwingli’s Writing Habits

Zwingli, writing to Myconius on August 26, 1522, thus candidly describes his literary methods: “I am rough and impatient of the time necessary for condensing and polishing. You know that my mind is felicitous in nothing except invention, if indeed … Continue reading

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Here’s a great essay on Judith and Jerome’s translation of that book.  Take a look.

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