More Stupid Higher-Ed Tricks

The taxpayer-funded State University of New York at Binghamton offered a training course to student resident assistants titled #StopWhitePeople2K16 — and the backlash has been fierce.  A school newspaper, the Binghamton Review, included an image of the course title and description in its report:


Since word spread about the course, reactions have been strong — decidedly in opposition to it, along with plenty of accusations of racism. Here are some from the Binghamton Review’s Facebook page:

  • “Just waiting for the Kill white people quickly and easily classes to be advertised.”
  • “Typical liberal hypocrite BS … Hopefully there will be some people with b***s to call this out for what it is. Racism at its lowest.”
  • “This is racist and disgusting. I’m ashamed that this is happening in the city I live in. Who wants to protest?!”
  • “Looks like it’s time to defund SUNY.”
  • “Can’t believe this racist liberal cesspool is somehow running. All organizers should apologize and immediately be fired. Ridiculous racism.”
  • “This is actually appalling.”

Whoever the ‘genius’ was who came up with this idea needs to return to 5th grade. They clearly weren’t paying attention to anything that they were taught then.  The stupidity is actually stunning.