Zwingli’s Foreword

Zwinglis Vorrede zu Schwenckfelds Schrift “Ein anwysunge, das die opinion der leyplichen gegenwertigheyt unsers Herrens Jesu Ohristi im Brote oder under der gestalt dess brots gericht ist widder den ynnhalt der gantzen schrifft was published 24 August, 1528.

Here it is for your reading pleasure:

Like the other Magisterial Reformers, Zwingli was often asked to write a foreword to this volume or that.  Such short works were basically little more than endorsements of the works of lesser known persons by widely known and respected ones.  As such, they introduced the views of others (although said views were always in line with the views of the great Reformers else they wouldn’t have agreed to a foreword).