What Now, Far Right-ers Who Hate Clinton For Her Email Server?

20 Aug

She just did what Powell advised her to do-


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  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador

    22 Aug 2016 at 10:23 am
    CONSIDER THIS, please!
    Supposedly he has “selective memory” – I don’t like Powell because he supports many issues that we oppose as Christians and twice voted for Obama; he is a Democrat – I guarantee you that he never told her to distribute, disseminate, or divulge classified information.
    I know the excuse: “it was not *marked* classified, etc. (which the FBI denies saying it was) but if an email, for instance, has the name of a top-secret operative in some enemy field SHE MUST KNOW that that information is classified! Tomey, the FBI director said so much, or (paraphrased) “any other reasonable person would know that such information should not be disseminated and it is classified.” So, the FOCUS on the “server” only favors Clinton because many “excuses” can be presented and, although inappropriate, they can be seen as not so grave, BUT HER JUDGMENT, her lack of care, i.e. (1) NEGLIGENCE with sensitive information and (2) keeping to hide her communication for the general public and Congress of potential international key decisions and (3) keeping the general public uninformed about her dealings in the State Department while still running and receiving donations for her foundation an organization which now HER OWN PARTY asks her to abandon. These should be real FOCUS and that is where the crime of Criminal Negligence lies! If the left wing press would investigate they would not find one similarly secret information being disseminated by Powell or Condolezza Rice.
    There are plenty of reasonable prosecutors that would have taken the case, contrary to what the FBI director said in justification for not indicting her for GROSS NEGLIGENCE! People have been prosecuted and put in jail for lesser related, although not identical, crimes.