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Self Denial

Self-denial is very extensive, and implies that we ought to give up our natural inclinations, and part with all the affections of the flesh, and thus give our consent to be reduced to nothing, provided that God lives and reigns … Continue reading

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Excavate With Eric

At Kabri. Come dig with us at Tel Kabri this coming summer! When else will you have the opportunity to excavate the oldest and largest wine cellar from the ancient Near East, found in a Canaanite palace more than 3,500 … Continue reading

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What Now, Far Right-ers Who Hate Clinton For Her Email Server?

She just did what Powell advised her to do-

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The Law of Unintended Consequences, Oh Gender Fluid Advocates….

A 28-year-old Dorchester man accused of exposing himself while urinating in a women’s room sink at an MBTA station allegedly told a woman who caught him in the act: “This is a men’s bathroom now!” Taha Hamid was arrested around … Continue reading

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Questions About the Bible?

Ask an expert.

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Something to Do Today

If you’re looking for a sensible way to celebrate Bultmann’s birthday that’s low fat and calorie free, give all these posts a read.  That’ll keep you busy. Happy birthday, RKB.

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It’s Rudolf, not Rudolph

Because, let’s face it, your ‘scholarship’ can’t at all be taken seriously if you don’t know the basic facts.  Seriously. Come on people.  Learn something before you say something.  Oh, and Bultmann is right. Unless you think speculation and hyperbole … Continue reading

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Celebrating Bultmann

Welcome to the Bultmann Birthday Bash.  Over the course of the day, expect lots of Bultmann as we celebrate his birth-iversary.

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