Maybe Tony Perkins is Gay. Or Maybe God Just Doesn’t Like People Pretending to Speak For Him…

On 18 August 2016, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins reportedly had to leave his home in Louisiana due to rising floods in the area. Perkins posted photographs of his flooded house to his Facebook page on 16 August 2016…

The story received widespread attention (with a dash of schadenfreude) when some news outlets reported that Perkins has said that hurricanes are God’s punishment for homosexuality.

That claim stems from a 3 October 2015 interview that Perkins did with Pastor Jonathan Cahn. While Cahn was actually the one who tied Hurricane Joaquin (which ravaged the Bahamas in October 2015) to what he said was God’s anger with the United States for legalizing gay marriage, Perkins mused (starting at around 13:15 into the podcast) that God may have been “trying to send us a message.”

Maybe God sent Tony a message.  And the message?  ‘Hey, guess what Tony.  If I don’t say something to you then maybe you shouldn’t tell people I did…’

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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