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Giuliani is an Idiot, Isn’t He

Rudolph Giuliani, promoting Donald Trump’s national security plan, said Monday that in the “eight years before (President Barack) Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States.” That’s an apparent omission of the … Continue reading

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Eerdmans: A Case Study in How a Responsible Publisher Handles Charges of Plagiarism

This is simply brilliant and though I have long admired Eerdmans and their spectacular work, I now admire them even more. August 15, 2016 At the beginning of July 2016, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. received allegations against one of … Continue reading

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You Know That’s Right…

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The Bee Stings the ‘Churches’ That Can’t Be Distinguished From Bars and Nightclubs

After a 12-hour, drug-fueled night of club hopping, local party girl Jenny Wilson suddenly came down off her high to realize she was just in the middle of a local church’s worship set Sunday morning. According to sources, at around 8 … Continue reading

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The Companion Guide to “This Changed Everything”

This Changed Everything: 500 Years of the Reformation is a three-part documentary series produced by Christian History Institute in association with Global Story2 Films, Lathika International Film and Entertainment, and Midgett Productions. The series covers the history of the Reformation … Continue reading

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Theological Fetishizing: An Observation

Many theologians these days are festishizing the poor not because they care about the poor but because they want to sell books about how Jesus loved poor folk.

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