Why It is Critical that Public Sin Be Publicly Rebuked

Luther was once asked

Should not those who have sinned openly by their teaching be rebuked openly, as Moses did to Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, as Elijah did to the Baalites, as Paul did to Peter, and as we publicly opposed the pope?

Luther replied, “A brother ought first to be rebuked privately, especially if the fault is new and involves only a few people. But if the error is firmly rooted among many people, so that it’s not possible to approach every individual and admonish him separately, the error must be rebuked and refuted publicly.”

People owe it to the community to rebuke politicians and church leaders when they sin publicly. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton speak and act publicly and they must be rebuked and refuted publicly.  Silence is agreement and agreement with sin is sin.

These are lessons Eric Metaxas and David Barton and others of their ilk need to learn.