The Bee Stings the ‘Mission’ Vacation

The Kansas City chapter of the non-denominational Global Evangelism Missions Board announced the largest volume of interest for a single short-term missions trip ever Friday, as over 12,000 selfless individuals volunteered for its upcoming missions trip to Hawaii.

“We’ve never had a response like this before, and we’re simply overjoyed to see so many young missionaries with hearts to advance the Kingdom of God,” beaming Missions Director Cassandra Campbell told reporters as she sifted through the towering stacks of applications on her desk. “We received applications from all over the greater metro area and surrounding suburbs, from altruistic humanitarians of all ages, races, and church traditions.”

According to Campbell, only thirty spots were available on the trip, and volunteers will be selected at random to be considered for the evangelism and missions trip to the tropical island paradise.

It’s interesting to watch youth groups and church groups excitedly talk about their ‘mission’ trips when these are simply church funded vacations.  An hour a day devoted to actual missions followed by 16 hours of tourist stuff and instagram selfies is hardly what the early Church would consider an evangelistic effort.