It’s Gloriously Illustrated and Written Brilliantly: The Brill Companion to the Swiss Reformation

I’ve spent the last bit scanning the numerous illustrations in the volume and boy are they brilliant.  But brilliant too is the prose.  Brilliant and accurate and insight-filled.  For instance

As several of the essays in this volume make clear, the relationship of the Genevan city-republic and church to the Swiss Confederation was substantial and significant, but Geneva cannot be regarded as central to the Swiss Reformation, let alone as paradigmatic for it. Even more importantly, the Reformation came relatively late to Geneva, and its establishment and course in that city were strongly influenced by both earlier and concurrent developments in the Swiss Confederation. In order to understand the Genevan Reformation, then, it is necessary to be familiar with the course of the broader Reformation in the neighboring Swiss lands.

Understanding is on exhibit herein!  I already am transfixed by this collection.  I can’t put it down.  Back to it!  Back to more of this!