A Companion to the Swiss Reformation

30135Brill have sent along a review copy (electronic format) of this new publication which also, coincidentally, arrived in another copy today from the grand Emidio Campi as a gift.  I’ve mentioned it over the months as I was enraptured by its subject as soon as I first heard word of it.  I’m excited to read it.  And review it.  Which when finished I’ll post here.  In the meantime you can visit the book’s website for the TOC and there read this informative snippet:

A Companion to the Swiss Reformation describes the course of the Protestant Reformation in the Swiss Confederation over the course of the sixteenth century. Its essays examine the successes as well as the failures of the reformation movement, considering not only the institutional churches but also the spread of Anabaptism. The volume highlights the different form that the Reformation took among the members of the Confederation and its allied territories, and it describes the political, social and cultural consequences of the Reformation for the Confederation as a whole.

Contributors are: Irena Backus, Jan-Andrea Bernhard, Amy Nelson Burnett, Michael W. Bruening, Erich Bryner, Emidio Campi, Bruce Gordon, Kaspar von Greyerz, Sundar Henny, Karin Maag, Thomas Maissen, Regula Schmid-Keeling, Martin Sallmann, and Andrea Strübind.

More anon.

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