Janet Tollington’s Exaltation

Viv writes

I’m delighted to inform all who didn’t come to the Summer Meeting that Janet Tollington has agreed to become the next Membership Secretary, taking over from the January Meeting onwards. Janet is well known to all as a hardworking servant of SOTS over many years. The day of the business meeting when she formally accepted her new role was also her 65th birthday, and we were treated to a wonderful tea party the day before as a gift from her to us; so it was a two-tea-party Summer Meeting, very much enjoyed by all who attended, for its wonderful array of papers as well a cake; thanks to Adrian Curtis for overseeing an excellent programme. As ever, James Patrick masterminded the arrangements and looked after needs arising in the moment in his efficient and pleasant way.

Hip hip hooray for Janet.  But Viv’s satin loafers will be hard to fill.