That 11 Year Old Girl Wasn’t Shot Outside, as Her Father Claimed. She Was Shot By Him.

battsBecause when she got home from school he was ‘startled’ (because he was asleep.  At around 4 in the afternoon…) so he shot her.  He shot her because he was startled.  He must sleep with a gun in his hand….

According to the arrest affidavit for Timothy Batts, Batts says he accidentally shot his 11-year-old daughter Timea after she “yelled and scared him” while he was sleeping. Batts told police he was sleeping at the time Timea came home from her first day of school. Batts said he woke up after hearing a sound and grabbed a gun from underneath his dresser. When his daughter yelled and scared him, he fired a shot which struck the child.

So instead of finding out who yelled and why his go to response is shoot first and ask questions later… Precious.  Maybe he’s antsy because he’s a felon.  With a gun.

The affidavit states he removed the gun from the scene after the shooting.

Consciousness of guilt.

The statements contradict what police were originally told by Batts, who stated Timea had arrived home from school and told him she had been shot after getting off the bus. Batts later admitted he had lied and told police what allegedly is the truth. Batts added the gun “was now in Nashville.”

So he gave it to a homey who took it out of town for him…

Batts, who is a convicted felon, was not supposed to be in possession of a weapon. He told police he had a previous charge for possession with intent for resale of cocaine. He is now facing charges of Reckless Homicide, Tampering With Evidence, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, and Tampering With Evidence. He is being held on $1 million bond at the Sumner County Jail.

He needs to spend the rest of his days locked up.  He’s a murderer.  But perhaps if she had a gun, she could have defended herself… right, NRA?  Everyone needs a couple dozen guns in America, right NRA?