To Those Who Think Trump Was Just Rambling…

Take note of how his remarks were initially received by one of his staunchest supporters-


via twitter

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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3 Responses to To Those Who Think Trump Was Just Rambling…

  1. Bob Schilaci says:

    Very prescient of you to note that tweet before he could delete it.

    How did you know?


  2. It was a threat! A dumb threat made as red meat to the ravenous wolves who compose some of his normal audience! That’s a fact!
    However, (I know you saw that coming!) other than Fox News, and now CNN very few local news outlets are reporting of the very credible suspicion on the death of the Democratic Party operative telling on Hilary Clinton to Wikileaks, as revealed by the Assange himself, and that the number of people who cross the Clinton’s path who keep “mysteriously” dying continue to grow. Since Trump keeps providing them with the “red-herring” they’ll keep using it!
    There are two operatives who died only in the last few months: this one mentioned by Wikileaks and another one who was a Bernie supporter suing the campaign (if memory is not impaired by my sugar level) for election fraud in the primaries…
    Well, let’s speak about the buffoon who levels idle threats… perhaps it will make people run to Hilary… whose political history is strewn with cadavers… maybe once victims of real threats. But of course, it all may be an eerie coincidence…


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