An Update on the Now 31 Hour AT&T Outage

So the @attcares folk have been trying to help me out- by endlessly asking me to contact them so they can help me with my phone.  I’ve explained that it isn’t my phone, it’s every phone in town that’s on the AT&T network.  They then suggested I call them.  Fair enough.  And IF WE HAD CELL SERVICE I could call them… but I wouldn’t need to because we would have cell service.

So they suggested that I chat them up on their website.  Fair enough.  Although talking about my phone isn’t going to do a thing.  So I went to the website and here’s what I got when I tried to chat them up:


Oh… looks like they’re all busy… talking to people about their phones…  I don’t need to troubleshoot my device.  I don’t need to learn how to use it.  I don’t need to activate it or unlock it.  I need the bloody cell network to work.

I think AT&T is an instrument of the antichrist hell bent on driving me insane.  I am beginning to loathe them.