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Something To Remember

Like a maniac who shoots deadly firebrands and arrows, so is one who deceives a neighbor and says, “I am only joking!” (Prov. 26:18-19)

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To Those Who Think Trump Was Just Rambling…

Take note of how his remarks were initially received by one of his staunchest supporters- via twitter

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Donald Trump Has Hinted That Hillary be Shot

Donald Trump sparked a new furor on Tuesday after he appeared to suggest Hillary Clinton could be assassinated by disgruntled gun owners. Mr Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, made an apparent joke about his Democratic rival being shot. A spokeswoman for the US … Continue reading

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After Merit: John Calvin’s Theology of Works and Rewards

New from V&R and in the Refo500 Academic Series.  The TOC and introduction can be read here. The focus of this study is John Calvin’s theology of works and reward, and the approach is to contextualize his thought in light … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

We will as he guides our heart, we endeavor as he rouses us, we succeed in our endeavor as he gives strength, so that we are animate and living tools, while he is the leader and finisher of the work. … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Bible+Coffee+Devotion Boasters

This is just so on the mark. LifeWay Research released a new report Wednesday confirming that Christians who regularly share photos on social media which include both a Bible and a cup of coffee are significantly godlier than those who do not. … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: My Philosophy

For me, academic book reviews have as their aim the dissemination of the reviewer’s reading of a volume whose chief goal is to encourage others to read the book or to discourage people from wasting their time with it. Point … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Consequence of the #LoveIsLove Mentality

Incest.  And doubtless before long, pedophilia.  And beastiality.  Because in all fairness how can the government, which has said any sort of marriage between consenting adults is legitimate now say that incest is illegitimate?  There is no legal foundation for … Continue reading

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An Update on the Now 31 Hour AT&T Outage

So the @attcares folk have been trying to help me out- by endlessly asking me to contact them so they can help me with my phone.  I’ve explained that it isn’t my phone, it’s every phone in town that’s on … Continue reading

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Here in The Gulag…

Where cell service can only be had from AT&T and accordingly a place low on the totem pole of repair priorities, our cell phones have been unable to access the network for almost 30 hours at this point.  30 hours. … Continue reading

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The Ideal Schoolmaster and his Fatal Beatings

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What If Luther Weren’t The Only Reformer With a Coffee Brand?

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Hannity Venerates Ignorance…

But so do his fans.  What’s said of him can be said of them.  Indeed without them there is no him.

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“Don’t Judge Me”: An Observation

I don’t judge, I report.  And I don’t argue, I simply explain why I’m right and you’re not.

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Snapp Snaps Sinaiticus

James Snapp opines How important is Codex Sinaiticus as a witness to the text of the New Testament?  So important that it has its own website, which features an English translation of portions of the manuscript’s contents, including the entire … Continue reading

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Phelps isn’t a Fan… Apparently…

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Contra the Bulk of ‘Theology’ Spewed Today…

God does hold people responsible. God requires an accounting. He holds us responsible. And that is what strikes terror in us, for how can we bribe the judge in this case? Or thinkest thou that God will wink at evil? That is … Continue reading

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