Of Course He Killed Someone…

Of course he did.  This is America.

A white man who apparently called police to complain about “hoodlums” near his house was charged with murder after he shot and killed a black man outside, authorities said.  The shooting happened early Sunday morning when 39-year-old Chad Cameron Copley fired a shotgun from inside his garage and hit the victim, according to a Raleigh Police Department news release. He was arrested hours later, and jail records show the suspect was being held on a murder charge.  Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, 20, suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police spokeswoman Laura Hourigan said Thomas was black.

Why just ignore it or call the police when you can gun someone down….

One thought on “Of Course He Killed Someone…

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 9 Aug 2016 at 11:33 am

    The Feds should establish a certain level of I.Q. for people to own so much as a sling shot! Trained firearms owners know that a firm voice command, and the certainty that your life is in danger is required before you pull the trigger. The first can prevent a tragedy, the second will prevent you from being tried for murder. But.. I don’t know… when people can’t spell I.Q. correctly they think that a noise in the neighbors house gives them the right to pull the trigger. I hope this person is tried and found guilty of manslaughter is not worse! He is a poor “witness” for legitimately trained gun owners.


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