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Just Because…

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What’s It Really Like to be in the Ministry?

It feels like this most of the time-

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Signs Of The Times

I just read someone remark that they were looking forward to reading a book review that he described as ‘important.’   I like it when scholars say a book review is important before they’ve even read it or know what’s … Continue reading

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The ‘Spiritual Driver’ Of The Family: An Observation

In every family there’s one person who is the ‘spiritual driver’. When that person dies, the rest of the family lets their own devotion fall to the wayside. You see the truth every Sunday. #Randomness

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NT Wright’s Barbados Vacation

Sent by one of our crack investigators, here’s a photo of NT Wright after his two week lecture cruise and vacation in Barbados.  He looks relaxed and refreshed, and very tan, doesn’t he…

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