Trump Grew Up Hearing Sermons From the Father of The Prosperity Gospel Heresy, Norman Vincent Peale

That explains so much.  So very much.

[I]t is not quite true that Trump lacks a personal faith tradition. He was baptized and confirmed at a Presbyterian church in the Queens neighborhood where he grew up. Later, his parents joined Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan. The pastor there was Norman Vincent Peale, and it’s the church Trump came to call his own.

“I go to church, and I love God, and I love my church,” Trump told the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa last year. “Norman Vincent Peale, the great Norman Vincent Peale, was my pastor. … He was so great. And what he would do is, he’d bring real-life situations, modern-day situations, into the sermon. And you could listen to him all day long.”

Peale was in fact one of the most famous Christian preachers of the 20th century, well known for his admiration of successful businessmen. He regularly sprinkled his sermons with anecdotes about prominent industrialists he had known and respected, from the president of the Ralston Purina Company to the founder of Kraft Foods.

Trump’s exposure to ‘Christianty’ came through the mire of heresy.  Read the whole.