The Supreme Court Shocks Us All And Recognizes That Gender Is a Real Thing!

Who could have guessed

The U.S. Supreme Court is temporarily blocking a transgender male high school student in Virginia from using the boy’s bathroom.  We’ve reported on the case of Gavin Grimm in the past. If you remember, Grimm scored a big victory when the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that his school in Gloucester County, Va., should have followed the federal government’s interpretation of Title IX, which calls for schools to treat “transgender students consistent with their gender identity.”  A lower court issued an injunction that put the school’s policy on hold and would have allowed Grimm to use the boy’s bathroom.  Lawyers for the Gloucester County School Board asked the Supreme Court to put that injunction on hold while they filed an appeal with the high court.

Yesterday, the court ruled 5-3 in favor of doing so, though Justice Stephen Breyer made it clear that he was joining the majority only “as a courtesy.”  Joshua Block, an ACLU attorney who has been working on the Grimm case, said he was disappointed by the ruling.

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