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Quote of the Day

We need to stop treating politicians like celebrities and start treating them like employees. – Anonymous

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The Supreme Court Shocks Us All And Recognizes That Gender Is a Real Thing!

Who could have guessed… The U.S. Supreme Court is temporarily blocking a transgender male high school student in Virginia from using the boy’s bathroom.  We’ve reported on the case of Gavin Grimm in the past. If you remember, Grimm scored … Continue reading

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The Things They Don’t Tell You In Seminary, But They Should

An old pastor once said ‘have as many friends as you like, outside your congregation. Never make friends with congregants. Why? Because all friends have fights but when you’re a pastor and it’s a church friend the thing that always … Continue reading

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New on the IRG Blog

This!  Those Reformation historians/theologians are my favorite people.

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Law and Grace 2016 – Martin Luther, Lucas Cranach, and the Promise of Salvation

October 11, 2016 – January 16, 2017 For almost thirty years the Pitts Theology Library has worked to build America’s finest German Reformation Collection, and this year it joins hands with four museums from the land of Luther in the … Continue reading

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Zwingli News

Pat Graham writes Dear Atlantis Subscribers, The Pitts Theology Library is pleased to announce the publication of the following pamphlet: The Implementation of the Lord’s Supper / Huldrych Zwingli ; translation and introduction by Jim West. (Occasional publications of the … Continue reading

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It’s Fine With me If the World Ends…

No really.  Then at least we wouldn’t have to endure this kind of inhumanity. An Arizona mother has been arrested and charged with murder after she reportedly gave methamphetamine to her nearly 2-year-old daughter. Phoenix police report that on April 13, … Continue reading

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“The Journaling Bible” – It’s The Perfect Gift For the Feckless Millennial In Your Life (i.e., Living off of You)

Zondervan announced Thursday an exciting new wide-margin journaling edition of its popular NIV Bible translation which eliminates the biblical text altogether to provide readers with more space to write their own thoughts, ideas, and feelings as they study God’s Word. “Our … Continue reading

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Bar Ilan University Press and the Mark of the Beast…

This email advert came today.  The ‘coupon code’… what the devil! NO THANKS BIU press.  No thanks…

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Answering Your Letters: The Best FREE Bible Study Software

Dear Jim, I live in a poor country and can’t afford bible software like Logos or Accordance or BibleWorks. Is there free Bible software that you would recommend? Thank you for your time, and your blog too (I’m a regular … Continue reading

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A Video To Cheer Your Day

Forget all those kitten pictures and puppy videos- here’s something that will cheer you up!

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The 450th Anniversary of the Second Helvetic Confession

Freitag, 07. Oktober 2016 11:15 – Samstag, 08. Oktober 2016 15:15: 450 Jahre zweites helvetisches Bekenntnis, Tagung im Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich. Das «Bekenntnis und einfache Erläuterung des orthodoxen Glaubens und der katholischen Lehren der reinen christlichen Religion», kurz Confessio Helvetica … Continue reading

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Why Eternity Matters

Our life is “superficial” without depth or meaning so long as it does not have its roots in eternity. Either it has eternal significance or it has no significance at all. Temporal sense is nonsense.  —  Emil Brunner

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