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Elections: An Observation

What elections teach us is that many, far too many Christians have the spiritual depth and maturity of a fruit fly.

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Maybe It’s Just Me…

But voting for someone simply because you hate someone else more doesn’t seem a very good reason.  #VoteForSomeoneWhoDoesntMakeYouSick

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The Bee Stings Pentebabbleist Fakery

The young man was expected to begin speaking in heavenly languages as a verifiable seal of his salvation beginning around age six—but after much disappointment and many years of faith, prayer, perseverance, and practice mimicking the adults he observed at … Continue reading

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Churches and their Gas Giveaways: An Observation

No one has ever become a disciple of Jesus because a Church bribed them with a gimmick.  Discipleship is the result of the working of the Spirit, not a bribe.

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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh: The Scottsdale Church That’s Marketing Baptism

And the sad thing is, they don’t even know how wrong this is or why. It isn’t surprising that the heretic Driscoll is involved though.

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What is Faith?

To have insight into God’s plan for the world — that is faith. — Emil Brunner

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I Can’t Believe it, But the Bee Knows About AAR!!!!

Lookie here! An intense one-day women’s conference on self-esteem and belonging has left local woman Jeanette Robinson convicted to her core of how awesome she is, sources confirmed. “Everything I held dear, before this, I am now counting as garbage,” a sobbing Robinson … Continue reading

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Les perdants: Pierre Caroli et les débuts de la Réforme en Romandie, by Reinhard Bodenmann

I was thrilled to find in the mail today the very new book by my friend Reinhard Bodenmann of the University of Zurich and one of the chief editors of the Bullinger Correspondence titled Les perdants: Pierre Caroli et les débuts de … Continue reading

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Previews of all three episodes of This Changed Everything, 500 years of Reformation are available here: http://www.thischangedeverything.com/previews.

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