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SBL Roomie Advert

The 2016 SBL bag / body armorI’m looking for a roomie for SBL in San Antonio. If interested you 1- must be a male.  And 2- not be smelly.  And 3- split the room cost.  Contact me for details. #TillingHasAbandonedMe #HeLikesDougCampbell

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New From NT Wright and Published by SPCK!

Wrightians can’t wait for this new volume in the newest series from SPCK-


A New Publication Coming Soon from Zondervan! Karl Barth’s Complete Correspondence!

It’s Karl Barth’s Complete Correspondence: The Charlotte von Kirschbaum Collection!  Barthians will be SUPER excited about this one!


The Bee Stings the Shallowness of ‘Youth Ministries’

On the mark, once again:

Sizing up the landscape of today’s America as “increasingly post-Christian,” local youth pastor Schuyler Dawson prepared his teen flock for this hostile environment with a serious, in-depth study of taking a pie to the face.

Looking at Psalm 105:4 (“Seek His face continually”), Dawson lit upon the idea of entertaining his flagging audience with a new chapter in his ever-escalating attempts to capture and hold their attention for a moment. Seeing the word “face” in the text, Dawson’s preparatory time of free association led him to the idea of taking a whipped cream pie to the face. Although unable to reconcile it with any actual exegetical point, Dawson feels it was still a worthwhile endeavor.

“Studies show a majority of children simply leave the church after graduation or in college,” noted Dawson gravely. “The Christian worldview is under fire like never before. And the only way we’re going to turn that around is to introduce more gimmicks, like ‘icebreakers’ involving gross tricks or bodily functions.”

Teen Lauren Lewis, 17, agreed.

“Frankly, I’m getting ready to go off to college next year, and I know I just don’t have a lot of answers or reasons why I hold the beliefs I claim I do,” confessed Lewis. “That’s why I’m glad I can come here Sunday nights, and can engage in a serious study of games like ‘Pile On’ or ‘Guess That Leg’ that appeal to me and my hormonally-charged peers. I may not be able to clearly articulate the necessity of the penal substitutionary atonement, or ever crack open my Bible, but I sure can lick peanut butter out of Davey’s armpit.”

Lest anyone be confused, Dawson noted it isn’t all about gross-out games, shallow one-liner eisegesis, or increasingly over-the-top jokey illustrations.

“We’ve also got some pretty awesome lighting schemes, and our band is really loud,” Dawson confirmed. “When these kids face a persecuting nation that reviles the very core of Christian belief, they’re going to have every ounce of our moderately captivating entertainment to fall back on.”

Though to be fair shallow youth ministries match shallow worship and shallow study of the bible so prevalent in churches today.  So the kids are being prepared for the inevitable shallowness of the church they’ll attend every now and again.  Maybe.  Unless there’s a game.

The Bible and Democracy: An Observation

There’s no such thing as a biblical defense of democracy. The concept occurs absolutely nowhere in the entire Bible.  There is nothing inherently ‘Christian’ about any political system.  Nothing.  ‪#‎TheMoreYouKnow‬

That’s Not a Church- And It Needs to Close its Doors: The Case of the Racists of An Alabama Baptist Church

This morning, I was alerted to a story that seemed to belong to another era – but sadly it happened yesterday. A young pastor in a small Southern Baptist church in small town Alabama tries to lead his church to do outreach and invite children from the community to their upcoming VBS. The church is all white and the surrounding community is mostly black. Opposition arises from church members and they tell him that they do not want to reach out to black people and invite them to church. He persists and says the gospel of Jesus Christ demands it. They tell him that if he keeps going with this, then he will be removed. He says that he will take his appeal to the church and on the next Sunday, he preaches boldly against racism and calls the church to repentance. A vote is scheduled on the future of the pastor and he is voted to be removed immediately by a unanimous vote last night. As of today, he has no job.

I spoke with this pastor, Jonathan Greer, today for about a half hour. I asked him if there was anything else that happened. Did they give another reason? Even a public reason? He said no. They told him nothing. He said that they didn’t want black people to come to their church. A variety of reasons were listed, but they were all related to negative things happening if black people started coming. The church is in Alabama. It is a small church numbers-wise – around 30 people or so.

Best thing they can do is affiliate themselves with the Westboro NOT Baptist NOT Church.  They’re just the sort of hatemongers Westboro loves.  Or better yet, close the doors.  There’s nothing of Christ in that Church.