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SBL Roomie Advert

I’m looking for a roomie for SBL in San Antonio. If interested you 1- must be a male.  And 2- not be smelly.  And 3- split the room cost.  Contact me for details. #TillingHasAbandonedMe #HeLikesDougCampbell

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Trump’s Team Has Gone off the Deeper End

I don’t even know what to say about this.  Words fail. An official adviser to the Trump campaign has escalated the attacks on Khizr Khan, the gold star father who was critical of Trump at the Democratic convention, baselessly accusing … Continue reading

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New From NT Wright and Published by SPCK!

Wrightians can’t wait for this new volume in the newest series from SPCK-

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A New Publication Coming Soon from Zondervan! Karl Barth’s Complete Correspondence!

It’s Karl Barth’s Complete Correspondence: The Charlotte von Kirschbaum Collection!  Barthians will be SUPER excited about this one!

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The Bee Stings the Shallowness of ‘Youth Ministries’

On the mark, once again: Sizing up the landscape of today’s America as “increasingly post-Christian,” local youth pastor Schuyler Dawson prepared his teen flock for this hostile environment with a serious, in-depth study of taking a pie to the face. Looking … Continue reading

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The Bible and Democracy: An Observation

There’s no such thing as a biblical defense of democracy. The concept occurs absolutely nowhere in the entire Bible.  There is nothing inherently ‘Christian’ about any political system.  Nothing.  ‪#‎TheMoreYouKnow‬

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That’s Not a Church- And It Needs to Close its Doors: The Case of the Racists of An Alabama Baptist Church

This morning, I was alerted to a story that seemed to belong to another era – but sadly it happened yesterday. A young pastor in a small Southern Baptist church in small town Alabama tries to lead his church to … Continue reading

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Putin and Trump: The Bromance

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