Maybe It’s Time to Give Priests Hazardous Duty pay

Because you can’t be a cleric these days without risking your life.

A priest was reportedly stabbed in his own home when he refused to give money to a man claiming to be an asylum seeker who had asked to use his shower.   Father Jos Vanderlee, a 65-year-old priest in the northeast Belgian town of Lanaken, was rushed to hospital with hand and tendon injuries.  He is expected to make a full recovery.  According to local newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, a man who said he was an asylum seeker knocked on the vicar’s door  on Sunday and asked if he could use the shower.

Hazard pay.  Or a bodyguard.

One thought on “Maybe It’s Time to Give Priests Hazardous Duty pay

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 1 Aug 2016 at 10:32 am

    …and I thought that the aggressive peddlers of Tulsa were dangerous! I hope this does not become a trend or else Ministers will have to take certain scriptures about “shield and sword” literally… as if they don’t already. Hazard pay? Of course! Because their Guardian Angel gets it!


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