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The Bee Stings Silly Newly Formed ‘Progressive Christians’

Shaking her head in saddened disgust, newly-progressive Christian Jane Summers sits stunned, once again, staring at her screen after a Facebook argument, shocked at the “intolerance” of fellow Christians still perversely holding on to beliefs about issues like sex and gender … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

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You Haven’t Purchased the Commentary Yet, So Here’s Calvin, Glaring at You Because of It…

I hope you feel rightly excoriated.  Go buy it or Calvin will keep glaring at you until you burst into flame. Buy the PDF’s from yours truly for a paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal Link. Calvin reading the Commentary, and … Continue reading

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A Commentary on Ecclesiastes, Free… Or, Something Better, for an Awesome Low Price…

You can get one thin small volume from Logos– Or you could spend $199 and get a commentary on the ENTIRE BIBLE.  I think you should do that.  Sure, fine, do the free thing if you must but if you … Continue reading

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Shocking News:  The Episcopal Church May Still Exist!

But perhaps not…

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The So Called Official Biblioblog Carnival

By someone called Phil Long.  It’s not as rubbish as some so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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Most of My Sermons Only Garner 1% Attention. So I Envy the 10%ers

A message on tithes and offerings at Maple Street Methodist Church received a surprisingly warm welcome Sunday as congregants responded by giving a full ten percent of their attention to the well-prepared sermon. “I’m impressed by their generosity,” Pastor Larry Williams told … Continue reading

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Maybe It’s Time to Give Priests Hazardous Duty pay

Because you can’t be a cleric these days without risking your life. A priest was reportedly stabbed in his own home when he refused to give money to a man claiming to be an asylum seeker who had asked to use … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Long Reformation

This looks a gem– Exploring processes of religious change in early-modern Scotland, this collection of essays takes a long-term perspective to consider developments in belief, identity, church structures and the social context of religion from the late-fifteenth century through to … Continue reading

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Happy Swiss National Day

To all in that glorious land- Schweizer Bundesfeier; Fête nationale Suisse; Festa nazionale svizzera; Fiasta naziunala Svizra.

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