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The Carnival Cometh!

At midnight plus 1 minute!

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AAR’s Interpretive Dance Squad Is Getting Ready for San Antonio

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The 2017 Dungan Lecture at the University of Tennessee

FEBRUARY 16 Thursday at 5.30 pm at Cox Auditorium David L. Dungan Memorial Lecture • Professor Dale Martin, Yale University “Sexual(Im)morality in Early Christianity”

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A Conversation You’ll Never Overhear At Your Local Walmart

The following will never be something you overhear at Walmart for reasons that are obvious to everyone: 10 year old girl1: Mommy, I have cheerleader2 practice tonight at 6. Mom: You can’t make it tonight honey, we have something else … Continue reading

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Twitter Misprisions: Or, How Journalists Should Stop Pretending to Be Historians

Don’t you hate it when modern American journalists take an attitude of superiority towards ancient cultures and peoples and accuse them of ‘strangeness’ only because they neither live in ancient times nor understand ancient cultures but instead want to superimpose … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The ‘But Jesus Never Said Anything About That’ Mob

Want to know what I’m incredibly tired of? Christians speaking out against felony home invasion. I’ll never understand why self-described “followers of Christ” feel so comfortable rallying around a topic that Jesus never even mentioned. Can you name one single time Jesus specifically addressed this … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Our Translation of Zwingli’s “Implementation” Has Made it to the Library of Congress

You can get a copy of the booklet here.

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The Bee Stings the Doctrineless Pastor

After a parishioner at Riptide Church pointed out Sunday that Pastor Jake Huber’s sermon wandered outside the bounds of orthodoxy and seemed to contradict several of the key points of the church’s statement of faith, the pastor expressed disbelief that … Continue reading

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A Lawyer Worthy of A Dilly, and a Journalist Too

This one will strike you as doubly dilettantish.  Because… a lawyer is claiming a polygamous Mormon is missing and may have been a victim of the ‘rapture’… and a journalist labels belief in the ‘rapture’ a ‘Christian belief’ without any … Continue reading

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A Crossley Essay You’ll Want to Read

By What Authority Are You Doing These Things? A Brief History of the Bible in English Political Discourse from Margaret Thatcher to Jeremy Corbyn This article looks at how the Bible has been understood and constructed in English political discourse … Continue reading

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Apparently My Commentary is on the index librorum prohibitorum

Who knew.  Anyway- this appears in the syllabus of a biblical studies course at a Papist institution: Can you think of a better endorsement?  I can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s Commentary Tuesday!

When people ask me which commentary series I recommend, I point them to these: The books can be obtained by the usual route  or, you can just buy the PDF’s from yours truly for a paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal … Continue reading

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Thankfully, The Future of the Church isn’t In the Hands of the Millennials…

Instead, it is, as it always has been, in the hands of God its Lord.  The Millennials may have no place in their lives for anything beyond self, but they will parent a generation which finds their parent’s selfishness simultaneously … Continue reading

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Mark Burns Apologized For His Racist Tweet…

And removed the tweet.  But he should know, once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it can’t be put back in.  His tweet is a moral failure and a black pastor should know better than to post racist rubbish.

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Various Of Zwingli’s More Important Works in the Internet Archive

‘On Providence’ and Other Essays The Latin works and the correspondence of Huldreich Zwingli : together with selections from his German works (vol 3) The Latin works and the correspondence of Huldreich Zwingli : together with selections from his German works … Continue reading

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Santa Won’t Be Visiting Your Home This Year…

He has no means of transport. An official from the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (Statens naturoppsyn – NNI) was on a routine inspection on Friday when he walked into an area where dead reindeer were lying close together on the ground. … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

South Carolina.  Under arrest.  For stealing his favorite candy whilst naked.  This would never have happened if he hadn’t started rooming at SBL with Doug Campbell….

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Luther For the Dinner Table

Taken as a whole, we Christians are just like the natural human body, which, so long as it is on earth, is never entirely pure, neither internally nor externally. Inwardly it is impure, for there it is full of mucus, … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Week Since NT Wright’s Last Bilge Spewed From the (Author)Ship’s Bowels…

And his sycophants were beginning to worry that he had experienced writer’s block.  Not to worry, dear sycos.  He’s got another bucketful on its way to your dinner bowl… It’s due to be released on James Crossley’s birthday.  And the … Continue reading

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