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Ohio, Cops, Sex Crimes, and Equality…

The Ohio Supreme Court overturned the 2012 conviction of Waite Hill police officer Matthew Mole, jailed for sexual battery for having sex with a 14-year-old boy, in a tight 4-3 decision on Thursday. The ruling upholds a prior decision by the Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals stating that police officers cannot be held to a higher standard than the rest of the public when it comes to having sex with minors.

Mole, 35 at the time of the incident, met the 14-year-old on an online dating site. Both sides were not entirely truthful: the boy told Mole he was 18, and Mole never revealed to him that he was a police officer. When the boy’s mother caught the two together, Mole was arrested and charged with unlawful sexual contact with a minor and sexual battery.

A hung jury led to a mistrial for Mole on the charges of having unlawful sex with a minor, as the 14-year-old testified that their relationship had been consensual and that Mole had not known his true age. However, he was sentenced on the charge of sexual battery by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy McDonnell under a 2007 addition to the Ohio Revised Code 2907.03.

In Ohio, it is illegal for anyone over the age of 18 to have sex with someone under the age of 16. For people in professions with frequent interactions with children, like teachers, coaches and clergy, having sex with a minor is considered sexual battery, a third-degree felony. A 2007 law added law enforcement officers to this list, giving two reasons: “holding peace officers to a higher standard to ensure integrity and to maintain the public trust” and “protecting minors.”


Papyrology and Ethics: Next Week in Barcelona

Fun times!

Roberta Mazza


Next week I will be talking about Papyrology and Ethics at the 28th International Congress of Papyrology’s plenary session “Setting limits to our discipline?”.

You can download the draft paper from here: Papyrology and Ethics_Mazza, or via (

The program and abstracts of the Congress are available at

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Speaking of Abortion in this Country…

People in this country are so bereft of humanity that they take animal cruelty (an evil) more seriously than child murder (abortion)(a greater evil).

The Bee Stings the Nation’s Abortionists

In a simultaneous mass reaction which caused their millions of mothers to visibly flinch, America’s entire population of unborn babies collectively recoiled in terror at the exact moment Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for President of the United States Thursday evening.

Sources nationwide reported the occurrence, confirming that leading up to Clinton’s address, pregnant women began trembling and feeling weak, the effects worsening considerably as she took the stage—then, as soon as the words, “I accept…” came out of Clinton’s mouth, pregnant mothers around America gasped and buckled, some being woken from slumber and thrown to the ground as their unborn children reacted to the news from within their wombs.

At publishing time, multiple sources had reported that young infants nationwide had also began shrieking in their cribs, inconsolable, as Clinton continued her speech.


The Pentebabbleist Who ‘Baptized’ A Boy in a Filthy Pool Because God ‘Told Him To’

A central Florida man is accused of throwing an 11-year-old boy he was taking care of into a swimming pool filled with algae and bugs because God asked him to baptize the child.  Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies say 51-year-old Henry Love was arrested Wednesday on a child abuse charge.  The Daytona Beach News-Journal ( ) reports Love told investigators God awakened him Wednesday morning and told him to baptize the child.  An arrest report says Love took the boy next door to the neighbor’s pool and dunked him several times under water. The boy’s mother took him to an urgent care center where doctors found an ear and eye infection, possibly from dirty water.

God told him to do no such thing.  Only a Pentebabbleist, with their private revelations and visions and voices, would presume to baptize someone in such a way.

Whenever ignorance and pseudo-piety are blended together in the mind of a deranged pentebabbleist (and that’s the only kind of pentebabbleists there are) only trouble ensues.

God and the Evil in the World

Emil Brunner observes, wisely, that when we ponder the existence of evil in the world and remember the goodness of God, we must

… forego the desire to decipher out of the darkness His will for ourselves. The solution of the world riddle will not come until the day of salvation.

Any attempt to describe this event or that as the ‘judgement of God’ is wrongheaded.  We cannot say what we do not know.

The Pitts Image Library Has Been Enlarged and Updated

It’s an amazing resource- check it out.

Hey Metaxas, Throckmorton Has Challenged You to Produce Historical Evidence. I Know You Can’t, But It Will Be Fun To Watch You Try

Here’s the challenge:

I challenge Eric Metaxas to bring on an actual historian and/or me to discuss the issues raised recently about his book, If You Can Keep It or this series.

Do it, Eric…. If you dare…

“This Changed Everything” on Vimeo

I reviewed the documentary here.  You can now watch it here.  It is very, very much worth it.

The Bee Stings Mega Church Mindlessness

Cedar Lakes Community Church has issued an apology to its thousands of members and the community at large after a curious would-be visitor successfully managed to access and read its statement of faith in its entirety.

“We can confirm that there was in fact an unprecedented database breach on our servers,” Pastor David Watterson stated in a church-wide email following Wednesday’s fourth and final service. “A tech-savvy and motivated person was able to navigate through our website’s various menus, convoluted submenus, and ambiguous headers to find and read our church’s very theological-sounding statement of faith.” The email went on to apologize for the embarrassing and unfortunate use of the words “inerrant,” “inspired,” and “triune” in the document.

No motive for the breach has been confirmed as of yet, but Watterson has promised the congregation that the utmost care will be taken to ensure that the highly sensitive data will be hidden better in the future.

The real surprise is that a mega church would believe anything given the fact that their pastors only ever believe in money.

Index Theologicus

This is perhaps the best bibliographic tool on the web.  Use it.  I’m adding it to the ‘Useful Sites’ section of the sidebar.

A New Essay From David J.A. Clines

On Classical Hebrew! Revising the Hebrew Dictionary (DCH). 6. Reaping, Threshing and Winnowing: Twenty-­‐Four Agricultural Terms Defined.  Enjoy.

Google Translate Fail

As FB users know, FB loves to offer translations of various posts from other lands.  This one, on a new translation of the Bible in German, with it’s ‘Bible in self-righteous language’ is a prime example of why Google translate is rubbish.  Google translate is as ‘good’ as Wikipedia… and as ‘accurate’.


An Invitation to Join the European Academy of Religion


Signs of the Times

Be Sure to Pick Up Onan and Er’s Old Testament Intro!

Some of you will get it….


Calvin Reviews the New Book By Barton/ Metaxas

[Our author] at length vomited out the poison with which he was sweltering from long dissimulation, and having fixed the sting, like a viper fled away.  — John Calvin

Bryan Lewis Has A New Book Out

Titled Jew and Gentile Reconciled.

This study explores Paul’s use of Hos 1:9–10 and 2:23 in Rom 9:24–26. It contends that there is a narrative substructure beneath the text informing the apostle’s theological reflection. This storyline provides the base and framework for understanding his argument. It also reveals that he used Israel’s Scriptures in harmony with their original intent. It also shows that Paul likely knew the northern ten tribes of Israel were not completely destroyed by the Assyrians (8th century BCE). Thus, they were not “lost to time,” but instead acculturated with non-Israelites. This affected their identity and, in time, they became “not my people,” or Gentiles. The apostle’s call to the Gentiles, then, is directly connected to Israel’s hope for an end to exile. This not only evokes the promise of Israel’s freedom and restoration, but also Jew-Gentile reconciliation, which Paul proclaimed during his first-century mission.

Sounds fun.  Read it if you can read.

Drug Dealers are Murderers

And they should be dealt with as such.

Blind Partisanship: An Observation

Blind partisanship: my guy is a savior and your guy is satan. Both are lies.